Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wake Up AM Podcast podcast# 104

This week: An exclusive interview with Dennis Kucinich, the man whose very presence in the race serves to remind his fellow Democrats and us what democracy should be. Thank you Congressman Kucinich!
- we share our frustration of doing a podcast on the day of the Iowa caucus knowing that everyone will know the results by the time they listen to this
- And our first XM Satellite Radio show premiers to mixed reviews. We're not in Podcastland anymore, toto.
-join us!
Listen Now! (show#104)


Blogger braamer said...

The Banshee is a mythical creature in Irish folklore that portents death and/or disaster. So, stretch a point and say WUAM is warning us of possible problems ahead. Yeats might have been inclined to write you a few lines. Hey that’s better than being called Scrooge’s ghosts.
Congratulations on the new format.
And yes, thank you Mr. Kucinich!


2:38 PM  

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