Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Podcast Posting Delayed

Many of you must be wondering why this week’s podcast has not been posted yet. Well, me too. Enough of the excuses! After all, it has been over a week (a week and a day to be exact) since Brian got his new knee, the power outages we all suffered from last Thursday’s storm have now been repaired and Nancy and Brian were finally able to move back into their house yesterday. So what’s the problem? I don’t really care if he and Nancy recently embarked on a new business venture and no longer have regular paychecks. Is money for food and rent more important than the podcast? A little knee pain, threat of hunger and possible eviction are just not good enough excuses. Post the podcast! Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Brian doesn’t have the audio to post. I have it. Just sit tight, be patient and the podcast will be posted when we can get to it. Okay? Thanks for your patience! Meg


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