Friday, October 02, 2009

Wake Up AM Podcast # 187

This week:
-Congressman Alan Grayson explains Reublican healthcare policy,
"Don't get Sick", "Die quickly"

-Are today's hate rallies the modern day version of the KKK without the sheets?
-Is Michel Bachmann complicit in the murder of a US Census worker?
-The saga of the public option continues
-Iran comes to the table
-Phyllis Schlafly attacks feminism (yawn)
enough with the phony accusations against ACORN
Join us!
Listen Now! (show#187)


Blogger linderella said...

love your shows. this podcast however you missed the point on the dangerous rise of a certian christion element that has dominiance in washington dc and through out the us. See the book the family by jeff sharlott. google on utube his interviews with rachel madow also chris hedges american fasist

1:04 PM  

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