Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #214

This week:
Obama's Katrina
Is he too late to save the Gulf?
1 week later, Rand Paul purges staff and lays low

All four of us are here in one place at the
same time!
So join us!
Listen Now! (show#214)


Blogger Clay's Jungle said...

Hi guys,
I was stoked to hear you use my comment on your last podcast! I felt like a celebrity. =)
You spoke on this podcast about alternative energy. In Maine, we've had a lot of work on wind energy. However, a large group of people suffered from NIMBY - not in my backyard, and said that the "noise" created by windmills in their backyard was causing all sorts of health problems for them. Is this for real? I mean, seriously? Is this a real health problem, and is it such a problem that we should swear off wind power in populated areas?
It sounds to me like the same problems people have with nuclear power - if it's close to me, I don't like it. But if I get cheap power, and it's far enough away, and happens to be renewable, great!!
These people seem to be sincere, and that it's really affecting their health. What's the science behind it? It seems pretty silly to me...

1:14 AM  
Blogger Wake Up America said...

I hear you.
The only other rationalization I've heard against windmills was regarding
windmills off the coast of Massachusetts. The complaint there was people didn't want to ruin the view... Really?
Thanks for listening.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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