Friday, January 21, 2011

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #243

This week: From Obamacare to a Public Healthcare system for all.
Guests Katie Robbins of Healthcare Now! and
Dr. Tom Clairemont of Physicians for a National Health Program
join us.
Listen Now! (show#243)


Blogger Mr. Murray said...

Great pod. Healthcare is so important, especially now when the GOP is trying to dismantle all the progress made recently.

Question or two: Do you see any link between the gradual, and now the norm privatization of health care services and the attempt by Republicans to private education?

Also, why is it that in Japan (I used to live there), you can have a 3-day hospital stay for less than a few hundred dollars, but in this country it would cost thousands and thousands?
I can answer a little bit of that - I heard on NPR that Japan's government tells companies how much they'll pay for things like MRI machines, etc... hospital equipment... whereas the US hospitals are all individuals that decide what they want on their own, and generally (like your example of the hotel-like lobbies in hospitals) they buy the best machines there are, with gold-plates and all the bells and whistles that they don't really need, for MUCH more than Japan's government would pay. Who gets the cost of that? U.S. health patients.

I would say, I felt so much safer, health-wise, when I lived in Japan. At least I knew I'd never go into bankruptcy if I got sick!

Thanks for the wonderful podcast. =)

11:08 PM  

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