Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #277

This week: Oakland Police violence results in a new tactic for the Occupy Movement to consider.
Also,Will the President support the right of the people of the United States to peacefully protest safely?...or is that only rhetoric reserved forfor Arab spring uprisings?
Join us!
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Blogger David said...

Thanks for the show! Great as always.

Two things to tell you about: 1 good, 1 bad.

The bad is that our Tea Party gov'nor in Maine decided to cut off "foreigners" from Mainecare, our version of Medicaid, until they've lived here for 5 years. My wife is from Japan. We met there, and have been married for 7 great years. We have 2 kids now, and we moved back to the States from Japan in 2008 (so we're 2 years shy of her eligibility).
I'm an elementary school teacher, but the salary is so poor that we're eligible for Mainecare, and we've been using that for 3 years now. We got a letter telling us that my wife is no longer eligible, effective in 1 month! As it happens, my wife was pregnant, and the rules say she can stay on it until 2 months after the baby is born.
My daughter was born last Sunday (yippee!), but when we went to get the post-natal vitamins at the pharmacy, they told us her Mainecare had expired. We called all over the place, and no one seems to know how to fix it. Eventually we had to buy the medicine ourselves (it wasn't too expensive, thankfully), and it's still not sorted out. I'm expecting a huge bill from the hospital any time now...

Unbelievable... my wife, simply for being a Legal Permanent Resident instead of being born here and the arbitrary 5-years residence requirement not having been met, will no longer get medical care. I can't bring her on to the school's insurance until next year, and that will cost a fortune! We barely make it as it is... To put my family on the school's plan would cost us something like $1 for every $5 I make! And that's if it doesn't go up next year!

Here's the kicker: They'll pay for EMERGENCY care! So they'd rather pay the 10 times cost to bring her to the ER than just let her get preventive care.
It's a horrorshow!

To me, it's just a matter of him picking on an underrepresented group that they imagine won't put up much of a fight, in order to save a few thousand dollars.

The good thing, and I'm sure it's on your radar to discuss next week, is Obama's executive order to reduce student loan payments to 10% of our income. OMG, that will help us SO much!
Enough said...
At least one good thing has come out of the Wall St. protests. Here's to hoping the right wing-nuts in Congress will do something good next.

VERY scared about the super committee - the whole family will probably lose our insurance at that point, if not my teaching job.

Thanks for the good work. Keep it up! =)


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