Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraqi reps demand withdrawal timetable

On November 21, 2005 representatives from all factions in Iraq (Shiites, Sunni, Kurds) issued a joint statement - their first - at the Arab League Conference held in Cairo. The representatives didn't agree on much except one thing: Their joint statement called for an immediate timetable for the withdrawal of American and British troops.
If the Bush Administration is truly sincere about desiring Democracy in Iraq, they will heed the proposal agreed to by the Iraqi representatives and come up with an immediate timetable for troop removal.
Iraq will celebrate their own Independance Day in time, but the American and British military presence in Iraq only delays that goal.


Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Bet we don't see anything about this in the mainstream Iraqui election coverage. Glad to see a post from you.

12:03 PM  
Blogger citizen shelly said...

I wish the Iraqis would be more forceful in their demands so Bush would listen to them!

I think you guys have a very good podcast. I have listened to episodes 1 and 2 and I think you are all very well-informed and I love your format! I'm downloading #3 now (had a problem with it yesterday, but it's there now.)

Rock on!

8:04 PM  
Blogger defenestrati said...

Here's a copy of an email I sent to Shelly L.; I doubt she'll mind me sharing it and I thought you ladies at WakeUpAM might like it as well:

"I just listened to WakeUpAM for the first time, and I must say they're most impressive. Their obviously strong preparation helps them create a sense of easy familiarity with every topic they come across, and their conversational format is approachably non-aggressive. Although we desperately need some aggression-- and I thank you for that when you display it-- the variety they add to the liberal voice is valuable.

"The plug for Jeff at RBB they added at the end of their podcast put me in mind of what seems to be developing here: a network of liberal podcasters who are able to share information and perhaps through conversation and consensus, to correlate their messages on certain topics. Perhaps this has been going on for some time, but I've only noticed it lately. What are you thoughts on the nature and potential of this?"

5:36 AM  

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