Friday, September 01, 2006

AAR Fires Malloy, I Want My Money Back!

Late night on Air America Radio will never be the same now Mike Malloy has been fired. It is being reported his time slot will be taken over by the wonderful and articulate Laura Flanders but in my opinion, her style is not really conducive to the late night radio audience.

Although some of the other AAR personalities are excellent, there is nobody quite like Mike.
Some religious zealots, those less enlightened as well as others will no doubt be happy to see Mike go but not me. In fact I must credit him with saving my sanity if not my life immediately following the 2004 faux presidential election. At that time I swear the only thing that kept me from slitting my wrists was listening late at night to Mike’s voice consoling others who felt the same way I did. He helped me feel less crazy.

Mike could be rough and abrasive at times but also had a softer side when the moment called for it. During the past two years, I have listened to Mike appropriately rant and rave on many issues. I saw his anger as justified when pointing out the unlawful and hypocritical antics we are often subjected to by the administration. I also witnessed his anger turn on a dime and tone it down when trying to calm the nerves of a scared listener. I could closely relate when the caller was a mother concerned about protecting her children from the pending doom being brought upon our country by the administration. Mike never sugar coated the facts but he would talk to those callers of different options while giving them the courage and hope to fight on.

Listeners always got the truth from Mike Malloy, which is a scarce commodity in the media today. I, for one, certainly hope Mike’s voice will find another place to broadcast. In these trying times we are in desperate need of voices we can trust to entertain and inform us while giving us the straight scoop. Mike is one of those voices and we can’t afford to lose him. What is your problem Air America? Wake Up or give me back my money! Meg


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Meg, I'll post this on the PPN blog and put a link on our forum. There was quite a discussion about this on the forum today.

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