Thursday, August 10, 2006

This week:
The Norad Tapes are just the latest in a series of 911 Truth stories to break out into the mainstream. In a related story, Santa Claus considers severing his deal with Norad to track his annual flight.
-Lamont beats Lieberman. Lieberman runs as an independent, one step closer to the Republican Party, his true party
-Is Bush preparing to federalize the National Guard?
-Say goodbye to the last remnants of the Geneva Accords
-The Rapture, is that what it's all about?
-Did Israel plan the attack on Lebanon before Hezbollah "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers?
-Condi's in, Condi's out, will the real Condoleeza Rice stand up?
- AND, the Norad tapes reveal different things to different people. We'll tell you what
we think they mean.
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