Friday, December 15, 2006

Wake Up AM show #52

This week:
We're one year old! Happy Birthday to us!
- A few thoughts on the so-called war on Christmas.
-Meg has an exclusive interview with Dennis Kucinich, very exclusive.
-Barrack Obama's book tour hits New Hampshire
-The Iraq Study Group. What is it's real agenda? We have a Webster Tarpley analysis.
-Accountability, we want the new Congress to embrace that word.
-Will Tim Johnson's Senate seat be up for grabs
-Remember those anthrax attacks following 911? Yet another inside job.
- And the 911 Truth Movement refuses to go away.This weekend, a 911 Boston Tea Party will throw the 911 Commision (Omission) Report into Boston Harbor, where it belongs.
Join Us!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

Hi, great podcast, I wanted to ask you -- what is the documentary you saw on Paul Wellstone? I'd like to see it as he was my senator and everyone here in MN liked him and was very shocked by his death. Lots of strange things surrounding his death. I'm pretty sure his plane was brought down due to all I've read about it and the FAA final determination was "pilot error" which really means "we don't have a clue." I'll check back later if you can find out the name of it you can put it here....

11:52 AM  

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