Friday, January 26, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 58

This week: The heat was on Alberto Gonzales but will it translate into accountability? Will the Democrats repeal the laws and prosecute the criminals? Don't hold your breath.
Also, a look at the State of the Union and a listen to the Democratic response from Jim Webb.
And, are our troops being set up in Iraq and for what?
It's a jam packed edition this week. We've got a lot to cover so let's get started. Join Us!
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Blogger Bob Savage said...

On democratically elected leaders of countries

I think the point, when considering madmen who have been elected by their countrymen, whether Ahmadinejad or GWB, is that people outside that country should not believe they have a free hand to change rulers because they would prefer a different one. If we feel free to replace Ugo Chavez, why should the rest of the world feel compelled to accept George W. Bush?

Just because China, or some other country, would prefer a different leader (and they would be perfectly justified in making the claim that GWB has made the world a less stable place, and that he is, therefore, a threat to world peace), does not mean they have the right to invade us and put in a government of their choosing.

This same principle applies throughout the world. If the people of Venezuela elect Ugo Chavez, that was their decision, and it is not up to us to approve it. They get to elect their own leaders unconditionally, just as we do ours.

Do we want the freedom to control our own destiny? Or would Americans prefer to be "liberated" by foreign troops? Do Americans want to experience air strikes? Do Americans want our infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, communication services) destroyed?

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