Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Think the idiots in the Oval Office won’t attack Iran? Think again. You must read Iran-Ready to Attack at Newstatesman.com. Dan Plesch has pulled together the pieces and laid bare the horrendous and stark reality. The plans to use force against Iraq have been signed, sealed and delivered. British sources told Plesch that the idiots ( he might not have used that exact term) in the oval office turned their attention to Iran as soon as Saddam fled Baghdad.

According to Plesch, everything appears to be falling into place and the strike on Iran could happen any day. The ships have all sailed. Strategic bases to be used for staging have been built at various locations in the Middle East. Training has taken place. Preparations have all been made. The military is on high alert and poised in a state of readiness. Plus the Marines have not been bogged down in Iraq.

If you liked shock and awe in Iraq, wait until you see how smart the smart bomb is now.
Congress has thrown gobs of taxpayer dollars into new technology and the smart bomb is now smaller, lighter and more powerful than when it was used to pulverize Iraq more than three years ago. The military now possesses the capability to hit 10,000 targets in one single raid. The damage will be beyond comprehension and Plesch says it will all be over before we even hear about it.

I strongly urge you to PLEASE read the article, pass it on and do whatever it takes to stop this nightmare from becoming a reality. If we attack Iran, it will cease to be just a war over there as the neocons like to say. I guarantee the repercussions will be felt by all of us here at home. Posted by Meg



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