Friday, December 04, 2009

Wake Up AM Podcast # 193

Can Obama's war plan end the conflict or will it end his Presidency?
- Rumsfeld re-emerges from his bunker to chime in on Afghanistan
- A look ahead to the 911 terrorists trial
- And,
Is Palin the last hope for right wing, Christian America?
join us!
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Blogger tech said...

Wow. I am struggling to understand your rationale for the continuing warmongering of your new President.
How can you accept the murder of your fellow human beings? Is there any difference if the order to drop bombs on your house came from a bumbling buffoon (GW) or a thoughtful and articulate elitist (BO). The burning flesh of women, children and men makes no such distinction. I have found your show to be quite interesting over the past couple of years but have had issues with your willingness to accept that your "team" is in charge and it now seems that they do so little wrong even when they behave just like the repubs that you all detest so much.

I constantly hear you talk about the need to pay taxes. To pay for parks and healthcare and other services. What percentage of your taxes pays for bombs to be dropped on villages and schools?
I would never give funding to any group of people who are responsible for the death and destruction of innocent people. It shouldn't matter if they talk nicely and have great smiles. They have blood on their hands. And you have helped.

I would also advise you to get some more information regarding climate-gate.
There is a lot that should make you uncomfortable regarding the emails that were 'stolen'. I don't trust people who lie. I quickly lose my faith with individuals who need to massage and manipulate information in an attempt to protect me.

I am not a climate scientist but I do have a brain and I am also able to draw my own conclusions. I know that my own weather service is about 50% accurate when predicting the weather. Therefor all their predictions are guesses. I know the earth will heat up ... again.. and that ocean levels will rise again.
Then the earth will cool and then oceans might rise more or lower once again.
It is a cycle. It occurs over millennia and yes even eons.
This has happened repeatedly over time.
The earth is after all billions of years old.
I don't appreciate being scammed and I cannot fathom why you so blindly accept these notions. Science itself is a science. There are no firm rules in the universe. None. Even physics has flexibility. Why are you all prepared to put your faith in men who stand to gain a lot of power and wealth?
I don't wish to have a relationship with men like that. Therefor I wont.
Robert from Bermuda

11:15 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America said...

tech, thanks for the comments.
I'll pass them on to the others. I agree that sometimes we give Obama a free pass, for now. In my mind I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in his first year. Particularly with all the obstruction to progress from the GOP. But I thought we made ourselves clear on Afghanistan. I know I did. I'm against sending any more troops and we always end our show with a song that says "don't take our boys away, don't take our girls away. It's time to go home."

6:35 PM  

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