Friday, November 11, 2011

Wake Up AMerica Podcast #279

This week: Voters say ENOUGH to the right wing agenda. Also, Herman Cain, Joe Paterno, and Big money. Join us!
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Blogger B said...

In an interview from about a year before Sandusky retired, Paterno was interviewed by the LA Times.
Who among us would care that Paterno is bet-the-farm assuredly the only college football coach in America who has read most of the novels on Random House's recent top 100 list, among them No. 4 "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov?

"Some people thought it was a dirty book," Paterno says. "I thought it was insight to somebody with a problem."

12:09 AM  
Blogger David said...

I'm completely surprised that you haven't mentioned my comment from before...
You spent so much time on Joe Paterno, just like the mainstream media. Do you think it's more important that some guy from Penn State did something bad (as if there aren't a lot of pedophiles out there...), rather than concentrate on a nasty thing that a Maine Tea Party governor did?

Do you guys think it's ok that a Tea Party favorite from Maine makes "foreigners" ineligible from Medicare simply because they haven't lived here for 5 years? Really? Is that less important than the silly little Penn State thing?

I mean, I don't expect a shout-out on every show, but really? This isn't on your radar? This seems to be why Le Page gets away with it - no one cares about this demographic... Someone who comes to this country legally, married for many years to an American citizen, and is denied health care (Mainecare - Medicare) now ONLY BECAUSE she's not an American citizen, that's not an important issue???
Shame on Wake Up America for at least not talking about this... Sorry, but Joe Paterno is a more important issue than this, I guess?
I thought you were a local show and were more sensitive to these kind of issues. I thought you'd give more airplay to the fact that Tea Party people are screwing middle-class families like us.

I'm sorry, but I'm really upset that you didn't at least address this. Not important? Apparently that's what the Maine government thought, as well. Not important when my wife gets seriously ill, only because she's not American, she'll be screwed. My whole family, son, newly-born daughter, and I, will be covered under Medicare now, but since my wife happened to be born in Japan, she's no longer eligible under Mecicare, so forget her. We can no longer get her under state health care until she's been here for 5 years.

We should go back to Japan, where at least my family will be covered comprehensively under Japanese health care, regardless of what country you come from.

I'm surprised that Wake Up America, which supports local progressive issues, hasn't at least given this issue airplay.

Check the end of that page for verification. Spouses of American citizens don't matter??? Really?

12:48 AM  

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