Friday, February 17, 2006

Kathy answers Brian

Our #1 priority is to make the Republicans the minority party in Congress. After we achieve that goal we can get back to what we Democrats do best...bickering amongst ourselves. Seriously, after the Republicans are defeated we can focus on making our party better by working toward its return to traditional Democratic values. Go me a pragmatist, but if we split off from the Democrats we ensure the radical right neo-con religious fundamentalists free reign of our country.
I admire Paul Hackett as well and I am pledging a generous contribution to his campaign if he will agree to run for the House of Representatives in his district in Ohio. We need Paul in the House of Representatives, as that is the governing body that will initiate impeachment proceedings against Pres. Bush as soon as the Democrats have the majority. Paul has a great chance of winning that seat. He came within 4 percentage points in the last special election and in the meantime his opponent has made hateful remarks about Rep. John Murtha. This should guarantee her defeat in Nov. 2006.
Rep. Sherrod Brown will win that Senate seat in Ohio for the Democrats. He is a great supporter of labor and an outspoken progressive.
Getting both Paul and Sherrod into Congress is an important step in taking our country back from the crooks and liars. I support both Paul and Sherrod and I urge everyone to do the same.


Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Kathy, I just have a problem with playing it safe until after the election. As if somehow, the real values we aspire to aren't good enought to get elected on. For me, this has been the problem with the Democratic Party in recent history.
Democrats run on what they think will get them elected rather than running on what they believe. The end result is not much of a difference between them and the Republicans. And the killer is the Republicans believe in what they stand for and the Democrats are perceived as dishonest, which they are. And the voters sense this dishonesty.

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