Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do these two events have in common?

Thursday, February 9
Nerve Gas Scare at Senate Office Building

Friday, February 10
Compromise Reached on Patriot Act

Thursday, February 9, 2006; Posted: 3:49 a.m. EST
WASHINGTON - Nerve Gas Scare
A Senate office building in Washington was evacuated last night amid fears that a nerve agent had been released inside. At least nine senators were among 200 people herded into a Capitol parking garage Wednesday night after a security sensor indicated the presence of a nerve agent in their office building. Later tests proved negative.Initial tests on the Russell Office building proved positive but two follow-up tests showed no agent was present. The all-clear was finally given at 2.40am GMT.
Investigators wearing special protection suits went into the building, part of the congressional complex that includes the Capitol building.
Two senators, Christopher Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut, and Chuck Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska, were quarantined.


GOP accepts Patriot Act compromise
Posted Friday Feb.10,2006 3:13 PM
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who in December led a filibuster of the bill and boasted he had "killed" the last version, supports the new compromise, a spkesman for the Nevada Democrat said.
The announcements mean the bill, which extends the USA Patriot Act while adding a few new checks, is likely to clear final legislative hurdles and be sent to President Bush for his signature.
The Republicans who had defied the president's wishes on the Patriot Act last December were Craig, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.
The House Republicans met with Mr. Bush for nearly two hours yesterday, most of it behind closed doors, to talk about their agenda and strategy going into November's congressional election.


The Senate and House have had their share of "scares" in the recent past. Small planes approaching, mysterious substances, remember the anthrax? And we never find out what is behind them, who is responsible?
Chuck Hagel and four other Republicans opposed the extension of the Patriot Act. The day before a "compromise" is announced Chuck Hagel is quaratined and other Senators are forced out of their offices.
It makes you wonder what it's like to be in Congress these days living under the Bush Administration. Fear is not just for the masses.


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