Monday, March 27, 2006

What Does Congress Really Want?

Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank has not signed on with the impeachment resolution because he claims it takes the debate off the Iraq war and is just what Bush wants. According to an article at MSNBC, Frank said "Bush would much rather debate impeachment than the disastrous war in Iraq." Unfortunately, there is no debating Bush on the Iraq war, never has been and never will be as long as Bush is in office. Bush told reporters in last week's news conference that the decision to remove troops from Iraq would be made by a future president. Bush has just taken any hope of reason off table. He has ever engaged in any reasonable debate about anything anyway. He hasn’t listened to anyone with an ounce of sanity from the moment he took office. What makes Barney Frank think Bush would start now?

I continue to argue that the impeachment issue is not a political game of strategy to be toyed with. Our elected officials have a responsibility to protect and defend the constitution, which requires them to hold inquiries into unconstitutional behavior by the President regardless of party affiliation. The very survival of our country, our government and our constitution is at stake as the congress allows the president's behavior to erode the rule of law. Do they think he is suddently going to give up the power he has taken? In fact, the opposite is true. The president’s unchecked criminal behavior has only emboldened his actions and continue to escalate as time passes. As the democrats waste precious time squabbling over petty issues, the closer we all come to losing our democracy. Is this what all those in power really want? I am beginning to think so. If they want to save our constitution, they must act soon. Meg


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