Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Is Congress Committing Treason?

Senators should be clogging the doorway of Senator Feingold's office as they all rush to sign on the dotted line to censure this president. Each and every person elected to represent us in Washington raised their right hand and swore under oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. Protecting our constitution is not a choice. All elected officials are under an obligation and mandated by the constitution to defend and protect the constitution.
So why then do Senators proceed to lick their finger and stick it in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing before taking a stand on events threatening our constitution?

The legal community is in agreement that the man occupying our white house broke the law when he authorized warrant less wiretaps within our country yet members of congress have refrained from taking any action except Senator Feingold. Some members of congress even have the audacity to defend the clearly illegal actions of the president and others want to change the law to protect the president. What about protecting the people? It is a betrayal of our country when government officials break the law. Members of congress are committing acts dangerous to our constitution and the country by not holding the president accountable for his unlawful actions. He is a threat to our democracy and if not held accountable for his illegal actions, our constitution faces an uncertain future. The senate commits treason if it fails to hold the president accountable for illegal actions particularly when the actions violate our constitution and threaten our country? If this is not treason then what is?

If members of congress took their oath of office seriously, they would be voting for censure as they hold investigative hearings. The law has been broken and the offender must be held accountable and punished. Our constitution does not allow our elected(?) president to make up his own laws as Bush has clearly done on several occasions. It is time to put a stop to his abuse of the oval office. Senators do not have a choice. To honor the oath each of them took to uphold the constitution they must now take action and investigate the president in order to protect the constitution. What are they waiting for? Go see Senator Feingold NOW and do your duty.



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