Friday, February 17, 2006

Wake Up AM show #9

This week:
-"There's already a civil war in Iraq"
that's what John Murtha says and when he speaks
we listen.
-some tips on how to get the anti-war message out there
-It's time to shut down GTMO!
We have one tragic story.
-Yes, even we lower our standards and indulge in
Deadly Dick's Dirty Deeds.
-Republicans say they're against gay marriage,
but we know what they're really thinking.
Kathy has a rant.

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Blogger citizen shelly said...

Great podcast! (And thanks for the plug) Kathy's rant was hilarious. I have often wondered why Republicans are so sleazy and seemingly obsessed with the most off the wall types of sex, esp. the thing with animals. What is wrong with them!?

I found a podcast for a Thom Hartmann of the white Rose Society - is he the person Meg is recommending? I will have to start listening to him too now.

If you guys know of great liberal podcasters, will you forward their names to me? I'm going to be sending out a plea to many of them tomorrow (including you guys) to send me something for a compilation show I want to do. I'm in the process of putting this together.
Thanks. Your show gets better each week! (how's that for pressure!)

9:32 PM  

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