Friday, March 10, 2006

Wake Up AM show #12

This week:
- Hey kids, what time is it?
Time for another war appropriation!
Billions pour into Iraq (and Haliburton)
as we slide deeper into debt.
Where are the Democrats?
- Guess what? There will be no investigation into illegal wiretapping. Thanks congress.
- Impeachment anyone?
- This just in! Freedom of the press latest
victim in the assault on our Constitution.
Whistleblowers beware!
- Civil war. Mass executions. Multiple kidnappings.
Just another week in Iraq. John Murtha takes on
the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. NO CONTEST.
- VOTING. Is it still an option?
our last line of defense against fascism.

We're tired, irritable, and extremely punchy. This is
going to be a weird one, so join us.

and oh yeah, where are the Democrats?
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Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

You are ranting at the wrong party! The Democrats are the minority party and not in control of the White House or Congress. All 4 of our congressional reps in NH are Bush supporting Republicans. It's pathetic to bash other states' Dems when we can't even get any Dems elected in our own state.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Kathy, I think it would be great to get into this whole Democrats/third party/accountability thing on our next podcast.

9:21 AM  

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