Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dems Cower to Bush, A real Powerhouse with 35% approval ratings

Just prior to today’s congressional vote to raise our debt limit assuring our children and grandchildren severe financial hardship, the administration released their newest national security policy and guess what the numero uno strategy is? Preemptive strikes! Read about it at Capital Hill Blues. Iran is named as our top concern with China running right behind. Which sharp blade thought this up?

Still don’t think this president needs to be censured? Bush is doing a hell of a job according to less than 35% of the people in this country. But the democrats are scared to be labeled by the republicans. Sticks and Stones….I am dumbstruck. These democrats are pandering to Karl Rove. “Oh no, Karl, please, please don’t call me unpatriotic or soft on national security. Anything but that, I beg you! I’ll do anything you want.”

Way to go dems or is that dims? This president must be censured NOW!. This is not a political game, some left wing radical manuveur dreamed up to win in 2006 or 2008. If Bush is not censured immediately, there will probably not be any elections in 2008 anyway. No more playing politics if you don’t get serious immediately.


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