Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wake Up AM podcast show #16

This week: John McCain sells his soul for a shot at the Presidency - one last look at censure and the man we hope will be president - General Anthony Zinni joins the growing chorus singing against Iraq policy - while a nut case of a general is in the running to head up special forces - and a special announcement to the American people from President Bush concerning his run-in with Helen Thomas and others at the latest press conference.
It's our longest show yet which translates into more fun and political insight for your entertainment dollar. Join us!
Listen Now! (show#16)
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

You are completely right on John McCain. And everything else! I wish they didn't have to sell out to get elected. It's a sad state of affairs when politicians can't get elected if they're honest.
Great podcast!
And thanks again for the plugs. (I'll play yours next time too. I have a shorter one now also (40 seconds).)

9:18 AM  

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