Saturday, September 09, 2006

Propaganda 101 by Tammy Bruce

I happened to catch a minute of Tammy Bruce on C-Spam this morning and it was more than enough. This is what I heard her say. “The American people don’t like this war in Iraq. It is not that they don’t want us to be there, it is that they want to vanquish the enemy. But how can we win if our soldiers have to knock first before entering the house of the enemy? How can our soldiers be effective when the media is constantly criticizing them for doing their jobs and accusing them of war crimes when they do?”

I got news for you, Tammy, the crazies occupying our White House have screwed up from day one. We, the American people as well as the media do not have a say in how this illegal war is being executed, making sure troops are properly equiped, or the number of troops deployed. No, this administration, you so piously defend, has not even bothered to implement tactics suggested by experts. This information has been available for them to use from the beginning but the chickenhawks claim to know better than the career military experts on how to execute this war.

They screwed up the invasion and occupation of Iraq from the beginning and they need to get our men and women home out of harms way, NOW! It would be better for us as well as the Iraqi people. We can’t win this war and in the meantime, our presence there is only fueling the terrorist fire as reported by the experts.

Wake up, Tammy Bruce. Stop spreading the propaganda. Stop trying to confuse the facts by belittling our military. Meg


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