Friday, September 01, 2006

Stolen passage from One Pissed Off Liberal

I have news for the conservative dinosaurs who have raped and plundered this nation. Not only are we now awake, we are indeed filled with a terrible resolve. We are resolved to defeat and marginalize you and your ilk - and to assure that you never again get so close to the levers of power in this country. We are further resolved that each and every one of you who is culpable in any of your voluminous crimes against the American people and the International community will be held to account. All you torturers, war profiteers, scoundrels and thieves had better listen up! Your day is coming.
You will all face the terrible resolve of the awakened giant. You are all going to be subjected to the mighty wrath, the righteous indignation, and the terrible swift justice of the American people. May your punishment strike fear in the hearts of tyrants and thieves everywhere on this planet, and may it long serve as an example to all the black-hearted bastards yet to come.

I wish I could claim this as my own but I copied it from an entry by One Pissed Off Liberal at Daily Kos. It speaks to my heart and gives me courage and hope, which I really need these days. When things look grim, I just imagine the orange prison jumpsuits waiting for the pack of criminals occupying the White House. Get ready Gitmo because as we wake up they will go to prison.

Beware of Sleeping Giants Rudely Awakened (above quote is at the end of the entry)
by One Pissed Off Liberal Here's the link:



Blogger Spotter said...

Love the comment from Pissed Off Liberal, Meg! It says it all. The neocons better run and cover their asses if they lose power in Congress.
Oh, happy day!


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