Thursday, February 22, 2007

NH Woman Shows How to Handle GOP

I am so incredibly proud to be represented in Washington by a woman who is not afraid of the big bad GOP. You go girl! We are behind you 100%. Watch out Sununu, you're about to be Shea-Portered.
From the Concord Monitor: Uncle Sam wants you!
The war of words between GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter continues.
Last week, Cullen criticized Shea-Porter's recent speech on the House floor, saying it undermined U.S. troops. Shea-Porter called on Cullen to retract his statement.
Yesterday, Cullen declined to do so. "If she's going to be against this war, she should have the courage of her convictions and vote to end funding," Cullen said.
He described last week's House debate on a resolution expressing congressional disapproval of President Bush's troop surge in Iraq as "shameful."
Shea-Porter hit back: "If Fergus Cullen has the courage of his convictions, he should go enlist, because they're having trouble meeting their quota. He's young, he's single and he's healthy. If he needs to know where the recruiters are, call me."
Although she opposes the war, Shea-Porter said, she's "working in a bipartisan manner to protect the troops and keep them funded with everything they need."

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