Thursday, April 20, 2006

This week: RELIGION AND POLITICS, yes we go there. -
What does it take to DUMP RUMSFELD? -
IRAN, are secret U. S. ops already underway?
(Seymour Hersh and Col. Sam Gardiner think so.)

JFK takes us back to a time when separation of church and state meant something -
And a special Easter message from President Bush.

Meg, Nancy, and Kathy rant and rave like only they can.
Join us!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

I think you guys did a great job on this one and especially in talking about religion. It doesn't make any sense to me how people like Bush can be so horrible and yet profess to be "Christians". It flies in the face of all reason! But you did a great job explaining your positions. When one of you said you walk outside on some days and just thank the universe for such a great planet I thought, Yes! That is exactly what I do. Many times I have seen something beautiful in nature or it's just a spectacular day outside, and I just say "thank you!" to no one in particular. That to me is "thanking god". I'm really more 'spiritual' in an earth-loving way, as opposed to religious in a religion way, myself, than I probably I came across as in my podcast, so I got what you were saying. I also think you for being tolerant of my feelings about Mr. Malloy. I probably won't mention him again anyway, but out of deference to how much you like him, and that I respect your viewpoints, I will hold it down on criticism, at least in public!
Thanks for a good one.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Hey Shelly!

Thanks for the nice comments. I'm the one who is in tune with to speak...instead of going to church. Being raised Catholic, I always felt much more comfortable outside of church then inside! We're going to do more on religion over the next couple of podcasts. It's a tough thing to talk about, but I feel that it's time to stand up and let our side be heard. I'm so tired of being looked "down" on because I don't go to church or believe in "god" the way the Christian right does! UGH!

I also just got back from the great state of, some pretty interesting ads playing out there. I guess Brian told you about Blackwells - no more taxes - bullshit, but then there's this guy running for congress who really pushes the Christian buttons. At the end you see his profile in front of a stained glass window...I gagged!!! I can't believe intelligent people fall for that. Well, maybe their all just not that intelligent!

Anyway, my younger son came in second in the Percussion Ensemble World Championships, so the trip was well worth it!!!

Now I gotta go sleep...4 days with 26 teenagers is exhausting!!!

Keep up the great the way, I'm terrified of motorcycles, so, some day when we meet, you'll have to take me for a ride so I can overcome my fear!!!

Onward fellow earth-loving spiritual one,

3:09 PM  
Blogger citizen shelly said...

Congrats on your son, Nancy! Nut to be in Ohio and have to experience Blackwell ads... would take a lot of intestinal fortitude. The halo effect is something the Republicans use a lot in their photography and it sounds awful. Bush himself has been photographed that way. It's so obvious and pathetic.

I completely relate to your philosophy on religion and I feel like I get more of "god" from the great outdoors than church also. This started when my interest in astronomy started, so looking up at the stars was when I felt more in touch with whatever was out there than in a stuffy old church building.

Interestingly, recently I was trying to explain how Jesus was a liberal to a right-wing Republican, and his response was that I'm "going to burn in hell." His exact words. All for thinking Jesus was "liberal". I wonder what their excuse is for that kind of talk.... it certainly doesn't strike me as "Christian".

As for the topic of religion itself, I wish spirituality in general were more accepted, and also just being open to ideas on it, and not having made up your mind. I certainly don't have all the answers, or even any of them, on this subject.

Motorcycles are fun... I don't drive it, I just ride on it. My husband does the driving. I'm more scared of cars than motorcycles, which are so enjoyable. I was hoping some day there would be a big gathering of motorcycle-riding liberal podcasters somewhere.

3:18 PM  

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