Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bush Speaks To Intellectual Peers, First Graders

Is Shrub writing his own speeches these days? Have you heard them or read any of the transcripts? Check this out from Atlanta on Sept. 7.
"One way to assess whether we're safer is to look at what we have done to fix the problems that the 9/11 attacks revealed. And so today I'll deliver a progress report…I'll begin by looking back at four key stages of the 9/11 plot, the gaps in our defenses that each stage exposed, and the ways we've addressed those gaps to make this country safer."
Sounds like he is talking to first graders. What an insult! And I haven’t even gotten to the content. Why bother? It is just more of the same old crap but with a lot more desperation. This guy is definately wacko! But you knew that. If you dare to read more you can find the entire transcript at Meg


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