Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Damn, Cheney's still Alive!

The headline in New York Times today:
Cheney Unhurt After Bombing in Afghanistan.
Damn! Better luck next time! I know I am not alone in thinking of this as a missed opportunity to rid the world of an evil man yet I am uncomfortable wishing death upon another no matter what their title. In fact there are probably few people who would not like to see Cheney dead or at least stripped of power and no longer able to cause more death and destruction around the world. But with congress unwilling to follow the Constitution and adhere to the law, the duty has fallen to the people of this country to try and stop him. We must speak out and expose his evil behavior.

I hesitate to post a message like this out of concern for possible repercussions but feel it is necessary to do so. Who knows how far this administration will go to silence voices speaking against their policies? However, we can no longer afford to remain silent and worry about what actions might be taken against us if we hope to save this country from tyrants such as Cheney. Some say my behavior is treasonous but I know remaining silent is treasonous. Those of us who speak out are doing that which our forefathers risked their lives to advocate. Freedom for all! I have faith in the people of this country to do what is right and even though I may be inviting trouble to myself for speaking out, I would rather deal with that than see my children subjected to living in a country that is no longer free.

Bush was right when he said we are in a battle of good versus evil. He just had it a little mixed up. The evil we must battle are those in our own country who stole the reins of power and now spread evil around the world. So, to those tyrants I say, bring it on!


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