Monday, March 05, 2007

Bush is no Midas

Here we go again. The Oxford Research Group has just released a report warning that an attack on Iran could inspire them to speed up their development of nuclear weapons. You can read the article entitled Strike ‘may incite nuclear Iran’ on What is the matter with these guys? Haven’t they noticed that a prediction like that is a magnet for Bush and sure to push him into something so tempting? If he was having doubts about striking Iran before seeing this report, he no longer has any. Haven’t you noticed how Bush has a habit of doing the opposite of what you think should be done? Forget about what we all know about right from wrong or anything that might be for the good of all mankind. Just think in the totally opposite direction and you should be able to figure out what Bush is planning to do. In fact everything he has ever touched has turned to shit. Everyone has heard of the king with the touch that turns everything to gold or the goose that laid golden eggs. Well, instead we’ve got the king of porcelain along with a big fat goose egg. These think tanks might want to put their studies in a locked box until Bush is out of office. Otherwise, if Bush gets wind of other stuff being studied, he could do some more crap to screw up the world. He might be tempted to stir up some more mischief and cause a lot more shit ti happen.


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