Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #19

This week: Religion Part 2 - we hear from a Nun, a Priest, and a Rabbi (no joke intended) - we hear an excerpt from Jeff's (Republicans Behaving Badly) mp3 that he was kind enough to send us - also Dan Brown, author of The DaVinci Code, makes an appearance in our little town's theater (just in time for our religion show), we have a clip - Prepare yourself for Religious revelations, both public and very personal. Join us!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

Great podcast!
I have two small comments: some of the books of the Bible in the New Testament were actually written 40 and 90 years after the events took place, so it's conceivable to think that the one book (forget which one) was written by people who had first-hand accounts of "events" from a "witness" or two.

OK, this isn't the source I had in mind, but these people claim the Book of Acts was written in 60-70 A.D., which would have included people who might have had some first-hand knowledge about things. Later books were written, but there were a couple that they think may have been written in the same century, at least.

Also, I'm glad you included those guys from that Meet the Press episode. I really liked that nun, which surprised me! (My husband was raised Catholic, and he really despises nuns, but some of them are smart, apparently.) I loved that that nun "got it" on social issues and was smarter than that know-it-all priest who tried to correct her.

Also, one last thing, the "TPM" reference that had you momentarily stumped stood for "Talking Points Memo", unless you figured that out and I missed it.

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