Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Maszzam Begg Begs to Differ on Bush Claims that US Does Not Torture

Torture is a hot topic in the news right now as Bush tries to bully legistation through congress legalizing the administrations policy toward “terrorist” prisoners in U.S. custody. During our 40th podcast, (recorded last night, soon to be released) I brought up the story of a British citizen who has written a book, just released, detailing his capture and detainment in the Middle East and eventually at Guantanamo. His name, which I couldn’t remember when recording the podcast, is Moazzam Begg. The name of his book is “Enemy Combatant” and he his been making the rounds with the U.S. media. Although all of his interviews must be conducted on the phone because he has been refused a visa allowing him to enter the U.S. I heard him interviewed by Thom Hartman as well as Guy James and was extreemely impressed by his abilty to speak so eloquently about his horrendous experience. I also felt ashamed that my country would treat any human being as he had been treated. I think the book should be required reading for everyone who plans to vote in November. Forget the ID, let’s make everyone fill out a questionaire to prove they have read this book before they are allowed to vote.

You can listen to his interview with Diane Rehm here:

Thom Hartmann interviewed Begg on 9/11/06 and Guy James interviewed him on 9/14/06. Both have excellent programs that never fail to provide me with an incredible amount of information. The program Guy does on the 14th has a segment toward the beginning where Guy does an incredibly profound rant regarding the administration. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Both programs are archived at the White Rose Society.
Link here:


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