Thursday, October 05, 2006

Condi Can't Recall?

Stanford -- The admissions office at Stanford University have experienced a dramatic drop in applications this fall as its reputation plummets due to the schools former association with the confirmed and habitual liar, Condasleezy Rice, a former provost of Stanford. Until recently, anyone associated with Stanford was automatically thought to have an incredibly high IQ but not anymore. Students say they are just not interested in attending a University once associated with Rice, who epitomizes the horrific and illegal behavior of this administration. Nobody wants to attend a school that has had such an unsavory individual as provost, even if it was in the past. Just what kind of statement does that send to people and who would want to hire anyone from such a place? ____________________________________________________________

Rice is lying again, as usual. The White House confirmed Rice did meet with Tenet and Black on July 10, 2001, one day after her claims of not recalling the meeting. Didn’t recall the meeting? Come on, most of us may not have her high IQ level but just how stupid does she think we are? Her blatant statement of lies, are sooo transparent.

How could she possibly not recall this particular meeting with Tenet? He called her from his car immediately after he received disturbing information warning of an impending attack on U.S soil by al-Qaeda. Tenet was so concerned; he called from his car, asking to see her immediately, hoping he could prompt her into taking some kind of action. We all know the results of that meeting.

Robert Sheer has a great article on the Rice lies at Alternet.


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