Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby guilty! Could this be the cure for the common cold?

Well I'm home sick today and have plenty of time to listen to the feeding frenzy going on surrounding the Libby verdict. After hearing the verdict on CNN I immediately went to FOX to see how the White House's personal propaganda outlet would be taking the news and I wasn't disappointed. Their resident experts were in the midst of whining and complaining about mistakes, unfairness, and disbelief.
Back over on MSNBC a juror was making a statement about how the jury was pissed that the real criminal, Cheney, wasn't on trial instead.
Then Nora O'Donnell (abrasive as ever) interviewed Howard Dean. Dean's message? Bush had better not issue a pardon.
Meanwhile, Joe Wilson is due to have a conference call with reporters at 2:30, then will give an exclusive interview to Olbermann tonight.
Meanwhile, returning to FOX, they are STILL whining.
There has not been much to smile about in the last six years, so I'm trying to enjoy the moment
and I'm actually starting to feel better!
Tune in to Wake Up AM later this week for more. It should be fun.


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