Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 27

This week:
-A US soldier in Iraq faces possible censorship. Our own GodlessKinser of the podcast Watch It Burn, announces his podcast may be up for "review" which could mean the end of a valuable voice from inside Iraq. How many more freedoms must be taken away in the name of their "war on terrorism"?
-Kathy separates the lies from the half-truths in House Resolution 861, which endorses the "stay the course mentality of the White House and can only lead to more deaths in Iraq.
-Forget the occupation of Iraq, were we even justified in the invasion of Afghanistan? It turns out that the FBI has "no hard evidence" connecting Bin Laden to the 911 attacks.
-Howard Dean finally is finally allowed to speak for the Democrats on the national news shows. How did he do?
-Why did Arlen Specter oppose, then suddenly back off from Cheney's end run around the Judiciary Chairman to get to the Judiciary Commitee members?
- And finally when the White House and Congress both fail to materially support our troops where can we turn? Cher, who else?

There are some 500 pound F bombs in this one. You've been warned.
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