Friday, May 26, 2006


OK I'm convinced, but are you and if your not, why not?
I offer a FRIENDLY challenge to all of you out there to come up with any EVIDENCE that supports the official story or refutes the scenario that factions of our own government were responsible for the 911 attacks. After 3 years of my own investigation I've come to this conclusion, but I'm not alone, MILLIONS have come to the same conclusion. The evidence to support this is out there. The evidence to support the official version of 911 is virtually non-existent except for a planted passport here and an inconclusive pentagon video there.
We were TOLD what happened on 911 not presented evidence. We were spoon fed bogus evidence in the lead up to the War in Iraq. Disinformation is the hallmark of this administration. 911 was an inside job to create the myth of the terrorist that threatens us all. "The War on Terror" is the myth that permits the neocon agenda to move forward internationally in the form of conquest and domestically in the form of ever decreasing rights of the citizens.
But there WAS an investigation you say, the 911 Commission. WRONG. The 911 Commission was set up NOT to INVESTIGATE the events of 911 but to embrace the official version while re-directing the public's attention towards our inept intelligence community(even though dedicated people on the ground in both the CIA and FBI knew something was up but were discouraged and in some cases ordered to back off).
From the start, the attack was pronounced "an act of war" NOT a crime by Rumsfeld. This wasn't a crime to be investigated, this was an act of war. And in wartime the law and justice takes a back seat to pre-emptive strike policy and curtailing our rights as U.S. citizens.

But there HAS BEEN AN INVESTIGATION by thousands of dedicated people around the world.
For starters, go to Scholars for 911 Truth
"The investigations made by these scientists have led to the conclusion that the US administration was not only aware of the attack but also had planned it. Now they are using all possible means, like holding conferences and publication of articles, to make people aware of it."
Also you can go to Axis for Peace to read the statement of the international group investigating the neocon agenda and the so-called War on Terror
"To justify their thirst for conquest, they form terrorist groups with the aim of manipulating them, create pretexts for military action, propagate theories of an international Muslim plot and fuel conflicts between civilizations. They seize power for themselves and contribute to pushing humanity toward ruin and disorder"
Exposing the myth of the War on Terror and the 911 attack that created it is the single most important step we can achieve to restoring our government to a path towards democracy.
If you don't believe me, it means you believe what the administration has proclaimed from day one. Sure it's tough to believe that some in our government could actually murder 3,ooo people. I was right there with you 3 years ago. But the more EVIDENCE you discover, the more disbelief and denial slowly morphs into, "yeah maybe they could have", to "the evidence seems to point in that direction", to finally "they did it".
We can debate this forever and we would be playing right into this administration's hands. Even the so-called "Best of the Left" talk show people trivialize the "conspiracy theories" surrounding 911. And the powers that be sit back and gloat.
The truth is that there is a strong movement out there that continues to grow as they compile the EVIDENCE that points, not to multiple wild conspiracies, but to one unmistakeable conclusion.
They planned it. They executed it. We bought it. They went to war. They made LOTS of money. 'They made us afraid. They curtailed our rights. Stay tuned for more.
The best thing about finally accepting all of this is that you no longer looked at the past wondering, instead you understand just exactly what we are dealing with here and realize the need to stop them. You can devote your energy to anticipating their next move and how to oppose it.
In the meantime, my fondest hope is that the growing numbers of people joining the 911 Truth Movement will one day force justice upon the real criminals behind the attacks.
I urge you to look into this and welcome a friendly debate on the evidence. If I get enough feedback, I'd like to post an ongoing discussion of 911.
In the meantime, let's all continue to do what we can to take our country back.
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