Sunday, April 30, 2006

Your Child For Oil?

I am so glad I drive a little diesel VW especially after reading Bodies for Barrels: Betrayal and Energy Dependence. Read on and find out why I am determined to fill my car with biodiesel.

This is a great article written by Michael A. Fox, a conservative Ohio republican. It can be found at Truthout. Fox says our problem with oil is not our addiction to oil as Bush claimed in his last state of the union speech but instead can be attributed directly to a failure of leadership. Although Fox is a Bush supporter, he criticizes the huge cost of the Iraq war and compares it in real numbers to the measly 22 percent increase Bush pledged for clean energy research. He sums up the comparison like this: “Big deal, like going to a gunfight with a toy knife.”

Fox goes on to claim we are offering up a child each time we buy gas, which he states so well in the following paragraph:

“Here's the essence of our energy policy. Imagine this: you pull into a gas station and tell the attendant to fill up the gas tank. It comes time to pay and the attendant asks, "Which of your children do you want to sacrifice in payment." Which child must die? Ridiculous? How is that different than what we are doing in the Middle East?”

That got to me and it is why I am now going to fill my car with biodiesel whenever I can. We may not all be able to fill up with biodiesel but each of us must find some way to protect our children by protesting this crazy war for oil in the Middle East as well as all those politicians who are owned by the oil companies. Look up the article, read it and pass it on. Meg


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