Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #20

This week: -One more enjoyable Colbert moment then it's back to work! -The perks of the priviledged, it must be nice. - Some Republicans are revolting, we knew that, but we're talking about the good ones. - IRAQ, IRAN, IRAN, IRAQ Does Bush know the difference? - Our military-based economy - United 93, the cover-up, not the movie. - Kathy asesses the achievements of our one party government - AND an insider reveals the origins of the voting machines fraud then decides to run for Congress! - we're all over the map on this one. It's our 20th show! Join Us!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

Thanks for that excellent discussion on 9/11 and Flight 93. That was a chilling audio clip you played. I saw the movie "United 93" and after your discussion, I think more than ever that something is very fish with it. For one thing, what was claimed at the end of the movie is that the military had obtained authorization to shoot down the planes, and the military was afraid of an accidental shootdown so they never passed on the order to shoot down anything to the F16 pilots (at least two were F16s from Otis Air Force Base, which were unarmed). Why were the planes unarmed? There was a military exercise going on on the East coast too, which they don't really explain.
The movie claims they actually discussed ramming the planes instead. I don't believe that!

The movie stated at the end that the military did obtain authorization for a shootdown but it was never passed down. It said that authorization from the vice president would be sufficient for a shoot-down but they didn't say that they had gotten the authorization from him. They never explained why they didn't get authorization from Bush.

The text at the end of the movie also said that the military was notified that United flight 93 had been hijacked four minutes after it had already crashed. What I read before was that the military was actively tracking 93, (how could they not be?) and they actually had a plane or two following it in close proximity. The movie stated that the closest military aircraft to flight 93 was 100 miles away. That's not true! I think that's an outright lie. And, it makes our military look bad. How slow are they?

So, someone is covering something up, most definitely! I thnk they are covering it up for reasons we don't know yet. It's not like the passengers are any less heroic even if they were shot down.

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