Thursday, May 04, 2006

Colbert confirms someone else knows what we know.

Jane Smiley takes the words right out of my mouth. The Blog Jane Smiley: No Mercy The Huffington Post. She lambasts the press for their cold response to Colbert as they salute Bush.

Smiley writes, “People, including something like 68% of the American people, wonder why George W. Bush continues to pursue policies that 1) damage America 2) are highly unpopular 3) are misguided and 4) are against both international and US law. How about this for a reason--no matter what he does, the journalists who are supposed to hold him to account are breaking bread with him and laughing at his jokes?”

How about this for another reason—he repeatedly breaks the law but congress hardly bats an eyelash? Members of congress work for the people and believe it or not, took an oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution yet except for a couple of exceptions, the congress has hardly paid any attention to the blatent disregard Bush exhibits for the rule of law. Congress has abdicated it’s power by allowing the Bush administration to walk all over them and must also be held accountable for not doing the job they were hired to do. Without a free press or a viable congress, who can stop him?

Smiley again, “Make no mistake about it--George W. Bush has a thick thick skull. He finds it very difficult to learn anything. But he is thin-skinned and easily offended. It is time to offend him! He needs to be offended every minute of every day! Stephen Colbert did a pretty good job, but then all the kids on the playground rallied around the bully and soothed his hurt feelings.”

And his actions and policies must be investigated. He must be held accountable, thin-skinned or not. Congress is there to provide checks and balance to his power but instead give him full power. My question is, will we ever get our power back?

Thanks Stephen Colbert for letting us know and Bush know, that others know what we all know. Meg


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