Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #25

We record this podcast on the eve of the Apocalypse and wonder, will anyone be around to hear this?
This week:
-Bush plays the card that is so worn and tattered you can hardly make it out, the marriage is between a man and a woman card.
- Haditha, what happened to the survivors?
-Will a U.S. military officer go public with his opposition to the war risking ridicule and courts martial?
-Nancy reports from the New Hampshire Democratic Convention and we hear from Senator Russ Feingold. Finally, a Democrat who takes a firm stand!
- And Democrats are turning out in large, record numbers at other state conventions. Can the election fraud tactics of the Bush Administration overcome the coming landslide?
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

It was so great to hear Feingold! Thanks for that. I only wish he would update his own podcast more often.
And congrats on getting him to do that little ad for you. I'm jealous.
(But happy for you.)

I think Feingold might be the Candidate in 2008. I have yet to see or hear better.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

I agree, although Gore/Feingold has a nice ring to it too. (Gore is on Leno as I write this.)
And Feingold will be back. After all we live in New Hampshire so you can't rule out a Feingold/CAL promo in the future.

12:12 AM  
Blogger C. Llyr Proctor said...

I just found your show through the New Media Revolution. I say, great show. One thing I would have liked to have heard from Feingold is his thoughts on impeachment. I understand that the DCCC is not for impeachment. I have a real problem with the Democratic party if they do not whole heartedly go after impeachment if they win this year.

It is the least they can do after what the Republicans did to Clinton.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

proctor, thanks for the comment. I think Feingold's heart is definitely with impeachment. In his remarks he went on from censure to point out that, in his opinion, the Bush Administration's antics could certainly
qualify as "high crimes and misdemeanors" as intended by the authors of our constitution. His point was that the very least his fellow Democrats should do is censure Bush.
I suspect he is waiting and hoping to regain a majority in November and achieving the needed subpoena power to head in the impeachment direction. For some idiotic reason the Democrats have agreed that silence on impeachment is the best strategy leading up to the elections and I think Feingold is biding his time.

11:32 PM  

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