Saturday, May 27, 2006

How Low Can Bush Go?

According to a Zogby Poll dated 5/23/06, only 24% of Americans trust Bush, our ruler. A whopping 69% don't trust him. That awful left wing media is to blame by only printing the bad news. It couldn't possibly be due to the terrible policies and horrendous actions of this administration. If only the press would cooperate. As the Bush numbers continue to slide, watch the Dept. of Justice crack down on all reporters who continue to print dissenting information on the regime. They have sent out the warning to the press telling them to tow the line or face invesigation, prosecution and jail. See the complete poll numbers at
  • Zogby

    How Americans rate the trustworthiness of select groups, with 5 being most trustworthy and 1 being not at all trustworthy.
    High (4+5) Medium (3) Low (1+2)

    The President's numbers: High=24% Medium=7% Low=69%

    I was never aware until now that such a high percentage of the U.S. population had issues of mental derangement.


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