Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show #24

This week:
-Memorial Day Bush style, long on rhetoric, short, very short on supporting our troops.
-Another setback for our Constitution as the Supreme Court silences whistleblowers.
-U.S. Marines accused of killing civilians in Iraq. Rep. John Murtha comments from Washington and GodlessKinser from Iraq.
-Are the Neocons eyeing the Democratic Party?
-Former Chief Economic advisor for Bush, Morgan Reynolds, says 911 was an inside job! And the fastest track to justice is the Grand Jury. Wait until you hear who is on his indictment list.
-Was there more to the F.B.I. raid on Congress than our main stream media reported?
Webster Tarpley takes us through the other events of the day. Was this the precursor to a coup?
- The decline of the U.S. Dollar. As Iran, Venezuela, and Russia embrace the Euro reason for U.S. saber rattling towards Iran becomes more clear.
-And in California, three candidates for Congress join together under the banner of Impeachment.
And if our dog, Maya, hadn't insisted that we leave, we might still be talking!
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Watch It Burn
Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio Podcast
(This is the only podcast I can recommend at RBN Live. I think the rest are Libertarian or Conservative so use caution.)
Morgan Reynolds
Thierry Meyssan's Voltairenet
California"s Impeachment Team Candidates


Blogger citizen shelly said...

Did you guys hear about Robert Kennedy's article in Rolling Stone magazine?

9/11 is even more suspicous now that the DHS cut funding for security to NYC by 40%. They must not think there is much of a terrorist threat. I wonder why, since Bush still invokes 9/11 every time he opens his mouth!

9:28 PM  

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