Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 26

This week:
Our News Roundup:
-Mike Gravel (who?) seeks the Democratic nomination.
-Rove gets off! (We don't mean that! Yuk!) No Indictment! WHY?
-Nancy has a personal story that reveals the hidden agenda of The School of the Americas.
-Cheney goes behind Specter's back. Specter fights back. Specter backs down.
What is going on here?

This week's topics:
ZARQAWI - Who was he? Who paid him? How many lives did he have? How many
legs did he have? ALL WILL BE ANSWERED! (sort of)

-Lt. Ehren Watada speaks out against "the illegal war in Iraq" and faces

-YearlyKos kicks off in Las Vegas. Markos Moulitsas assesses the viable Democratic candidates in the blogosphere. But,are the blogging giants about to be swallowed by the beast? (You know, corporate media control)

-ELECTION FRAUD! It's real folks. What are we going to do about it?
Robert Kennedy Jr. fills us in. We're all ranting and raving on this one.
Tired of stolen elections? We're pissed off!
Join us and get pissed too!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

I love your graphic! My question on that Richard guy was just that he said Moussaoui had been in a flight school in Oklahoma and I had forgotten about that, because later he came up here to MN. Seems weird that the CIA would be so sloppy as to give two guys the same password, but I could see that happening.
I remember at the time Berg was "beheaded" there were pages and pages of discrepancies on that. I remember reading about the chairs, the ring, the shoes, the height, the outfits they were wearing were wrong, the screaming was obviously overdubbed, the video had been cut and edited all over the place, lack of blood, etc. My guess is Berg is in a witness protection program living somewhere in Europe. I don't think he was beheaded that day or any day after that.

You can read a great interview with Nick Berg's father here, who also believes nothing he's been told, at Democracy Now. They interviewed him a couple of days ago. He's running for Congress on the Green Party ticket in Delaware.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Hey Shelly, thanks for the comment. Nancy and I were just talking about the reliability of some of the sources
I push on them and that maybe we didn't apply the appropriate amount of disclaimer on Ralph Shoenman. But I like to push the envelope into the so-called conspiracy realm a little more than they do and they serve to keep me in check.
Speaking of Nick Berg's father, I was just listening to Watch It Burn 12 and Kinser had the CNN interview with Berg along with some great commentary. Also Kinser did a great tribute to our effort to develop the PPN and the necessity of countering corporate media... then I go over to our discussion group to find a bit of a feud going on between some of our members about what, in my opinion, are somewhat unnecessary concerns and negative comments that I hope won't be a trend. But I guess I should be saying this over there and not here.
I'm about to put all of this on hold for the rest of the day because we have a big party to throw today. Nancy's son graduated from HS yesterday. I will try to get back in the loop tonight or tomorrow before the conference call. I'm thinking of biting the bullet and signing up to pay for that new conference site I mentioned before if no progress is made on that front.
talk to you tomorrow,

10:19 AM  

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