Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 29

Unfair Treatment Claimed by
"The White House Traitors" Awaiting Trial

This week:
-Some 4th of July thoughts -Alaska's psycho, incoherent Ted Stevens unintentionally supplies the comedy while he tries to defend corporate take over of the internet - The senate hearings on pre-war intelligence provide all the testimony we need to start immediate impeachment proceedings, the only problem is, nobody knows about it. Listen for yourself - A sneak preview of the upcoming debate over the new legislation to address the Supreme Court ruling on Guantanomo -Seymour Hersh has another controversial article on the way about the White House gang's next move -And Republicans condemn the New York Times for revealing something we already knew. When are we all going to rise up and put an end to this administration? THE OUTRAGE METER GOES TO ELEVEN ON THIS ONE! Join Us!
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Blogger citizen shelly said...

That discussion on Ted Stevens was hilarious!

I already forgot the movie you were talking about so much... what was the name of it again? I want to put it on my Netflix list so I can get it through the tubes or however it travels to me through the Alaskan postal service.

12:34 PM  
Blogger floridasoapbox said...

Loved the show today. The Ted Stevens thing was alternately bizarre and hysterically funny. And thanks for mentioning the Florida Soapbox! :)

Anyway, I, I, hope you get this, ah, by, by, subscription service...on the 10 In-Internets I, I, I have where I get m-m-movies and things on, on the thing.

-Bill "Ted" Alvarez

8:33 PM  
Blogger Wake Up America Podcast said...

Ted Stevens Superstar, who knew?
The film is Why We Fight.
It's the definitive analysis of the Military Industrial Complex and the reason we are in Iraq.
Thanks Bill and Shelly for the comments. We just got back from seeing Dave Matthews at Fenway Park. Great show but now I'm broke. I see you both have podcasts out. I'll be listening!

12:21 AM  

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