Monday, June 26, 2006

VT Campaign $$ Restrictions Unconstitutional Says Roberts Court

Those of us in favor of only allowing public financing for all political campaigns were dealt a blow by the Supreme Court today as they ruled that campaign financing restrictions in Vermont are unconstitutional.(Good to know they still realize we have a constitution even if they only adhere to it occasionally.) Breyer, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas and Scalia(what a crew!)ruled that Vermont limits on campaign spending and donations violated free speech and would make it difficult for a candidate to raise the necessary funds to challenge an incumbent. Scalia and Thomas are actually in favor of abolishing all campaign financing restrictions. Why am I not surprised? The dissenters were Souter and Ginsburg with Stevens writing that the restrictions did not violate free speech. He further wrote, "The findings made by the Vermont legislature on the pernicious effect of the nonstop pursuit of money are significant". The more complete story can be found on the website of the New York Times.


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