Monday, March 12, 2007

All Republicans are Scumbags!

Look into the eyes of the innocent...If this doesn’t bring tears to your own eyes, I don’t know anything that will. This innocent 3 year old boy was denied Medicaid for heart surgery thanks to another new republican law requiring citizens to show a passport or a certified birth certificate and a driver’s license before receiving Medicaid. The Deficit Reduction Act is doing exactly that by denying necessary and sometimes life saving medical care to innocent children along with as many other people as possible by making it difficult to obtain the assistance they deserve and require. Will we hear the administration brag a few months from now how they have successfully reduced the number of Medicaid recipients? Will the reduced numbers help the administration push through additional tax cuts for the wealthy or repeal the estate tax? Ask the next republican you see if they have any conscience. No don’t bother. We all know the answer. They have proven they would sell out anyone to add one more almighty dollar to their already over flowing cookie jar. Every republican is a scumbag as far as I am concerned. They have ruined our country and are doing a great job in the rest of the world also. Wake Up all you Republican Scumbags. It is time to start thinking (that alone might help) of others instead of only yourself. You can find the article Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid in the New York Times.

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