Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 76

This week:
-Russ Feingold scolds Congress for folding on Iraq funding.

-Mitt Romney's ties to Blackwater
-Is a Darfur rescue mission for people or OIL?
-Monica Goodling confirms what we already knew,
Rove's District Attorneys have one purpose.... fix the vote.
- And Cindy Sheehan burns out. Who can blame her?
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 75

This week:
A Wake Up AM Special Edition:
An interview with Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.
It's time to cut the Pentagon's allowance!
Also, correct us if we're, but didn't the American people vote to end the war?,
which makes us wonder who our "representatives" are representing.
...mass quantities of ranting and raving in this episode.
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wake Up AM show #74

This week:
Guiliani- Will the man behind 911(one of the possible perpetrators, that is) be the next President?
-Jerry Falwell is dead and the world is a slightly better place.
-Deputy Attorney General Comey tells the macabre tale of Gonzales and Card preying upon Ashcroft like two vampires.
-And, the players are the same. We are still living in the aftermath of the JFK assassination.
It's another fun-filled frolic behind the scenes of US politics and the world that endures us!
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Friday, May 11, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 73

This week:
Can campaign reform ever be enacted? John Rauh of thinks so.
-The Iraq Parliament wants to go on vacation. Cheney flies off in a huff to Iraq.
-The Republican Debate or When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
-You think forced extensions for US soldiers in Iraq for 15 months is bad?
-Gonzales is back on the hill to waste our time.
And, a listener sends us her high school essay, a must read.
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 72

This week:
- Kucinich and Gravel speak openly while their mainstream counterparts cringe with embarrassment.
-Will the Dems hang tough on the war?
-"What's good for business is good for America", yeah right.
- And it turns out that certain committee Democrats knew all along that Bush and Cheney were lying in the lead up to the war. They just chose to remain silent.
It's another fun-filled hour or so from inside the crumbling empire!
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