Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show #24

This week:
-Memorial Day Bush style, long on rhetoric, short, very short on supporting our troops.
-Another setback for our Constitution as the Supreme Court silences whistleblowers.
-U.S. Marines accused of killing civilians in Iraq. Rep. John Murtha comments from Washington and GodlessKinser from Iraq.
-Are the Neocons eyeing the Democratic Party?
-Former Chief Economic advisor for Bush, Morgan Reynolds, says 911 was an inside job! And the fastest track to justice is the Grand Jury. Wait until you hear who is on his indictment list.
-Was there more to the F.B.I. raid on Congress than our main stream media reported?
Webster Tarpley takes us through the other events of the day. Was this the precursor to a coup?
- The decline of the U.S. Dollar. As Iran, Venezuela, and Russia embrace the Euro reason for U.S. saber rattling towards Iran becomes more clear.
-And in California, three candidates for Congress join together under the banner of Impeachment.
And if our dog, Maya, hadn't insisted that we leave, we might still be talking!
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Watch It Burn
Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio Podcast
(This is the only podcast I can recommend at RBN Live. I think the rest are Libertarian or Conservative so use caution.)
Morgan Reynolds
Thierry Meyssan's Voltairenet
California"s Impeachment Team Candidates

Saturday, May 27, 2006

How Low Can Bush Go?

According to a Zogby Poll dated 5/23/06, only 24% of Americans trust Bush, our ruler. A whopping 69% don't trust him. That awful left wing media is to blame by only printing the bad news. It couldn't possibly be due to the terrible policies and horrendous actions of this administration. If only the press would cooperate. As the Bush numbers continue to slide, watch the Dept. of Justice crack down on all reporters who continue to print dissenting information on the regime. They have sent out the warning to the press telling them to tow the line or face invesigation, prosecution and jail. See the complete poll numbers at
  • Zogby

    How Americans rate the trustworthiness of select groups, with 5 being most trustworthy and 1 being not at all trustworthy.
    High (4+5) Medium (3) Low (1+2)

    The President's numbers: High=24% Medium=7% Low=69%

    I was never aware until now that such a high percentage of the U.S. population had issues of mental derangement.

  • Friday, May 26, 2006


    OK I'm convinced, but are you and if your not, why not?
    I offer a FRIENDLY challenge to all of you out there to come up with any EVIDENCE that supports the official story or refutes the scenario that factions of our own government were responsible for the 911 attacks. After 3 years of my own investigation I've come to this conclusion, but I'm not alone, MILLIONS have come to the same conclusion. The evidence to support this is out there. The evidence to support the official version of 911 is virtually non-existent except for a planted passport here and an inconclusive pentagon video there.
    We were TOLD what happened on 911 not presented evidence. We were spoon fed bogus evidence in the lead up to the War in Iraq. Disinformation is the hallmark of this administration. 911 was an inside job to create the myth of the terrorist that threatens us all. "The War on Terror" is the myth that permits the neocon agenda to move forward internationally in the form of conquest and domestically in the form of ever decreasing rights of the citizens.
    But there WAS an investigation you say, the 911 Commission. WRONG. The 911 Commission was set up NOT to INVESTIGATE the events of 911 but to embrace the official version while re-directing the public's attention towards our inept intelligence community(even though dedicated people on the ground in both the CIA and FBI knew something was up but were discouraged and in some cases ordered to back off).
    From the start, the attack was pronounced "an act of war" NOT a crime by Rumsfeld. This wasn't a crime to be investigated, this was an act of war. And in wartime the law and justice takes a back seat to pre-emptive strike policy and curtailing our rights as U.S. citizens.

    But there HAS BEEN AN INVESTIGATION by thousands of dedicated people around the world.
    For starters, go to Scholars for 911 Truth
    "The investigations made by these scientists have led to the conclusion that the US administration was not only aware of the attack but also had planned it. Now they are using all possible means, like holding conferences and publication of articles, to make people aware of it."
    Also you can go to Axis for Peace to read the statement of the international group investigating the neocon agenda and the so-called War on Terror
    "To justify their thirst for conquest, they form terrorist groups with the aim of manipulating them, create pretexts for military action, propagate theories of an international Muslim plot and fuel conflicts between civilizations. They seize power for themselves and contribute to pushing humanity toward ruin and disorder"
    Exposing the myth of the War on Terror and the 911 attack that created it is the single most important step we can achieve to restoring our government to a path towards democracy.
    If you don't believe me, it means you believe what the administration has proclaimed from day one. Sure it's tough to believe that some in our government could actually murder 3,ooo people. I was right there with you 3 years ago. But the more EVIDENCE you discover, the more disbelief and denial slowly morphs into, "yeah maybe they could have", to "the evidence seems to point in that direction", to finally "they did it".
    We can debate this forever and we would be playing right into this administration's hands. Even the so-called "Best of the Left" talk show people trivialize the "conspiracy theories" surrounding 911. And the powers that be sit back and gloat.
    The truth is that there is a strong movement out there that continues to grow as they compile the EVIDENCE that points, not to multiple wild conspiracies, but to one unmistakeable conclusion.
    They planned it. They executed it. We bought it. They went to war. They made LOTS of money. 'They made us afraid. They curtailed our rights. Stay tuned for more.
    The best thing about finally accepting all of this is that you no longer looked at the past wondering, instead you understand just exactly what we are dealing with here and realize the need to stop them. You can devote your energy to anticipating their next move and how to oppose it.
    In the meantime, my fondest hope is that the growing numbers of people joining the 911 Truth Movement will one day force justice upon the real criminals behind the attacks.
    I urge you to look into this and welcome a friendly debate on the evidence. If I get enough feedback, I'd like to post an ongoing discussion of 911.
    In the meantime, let's all continue to do what we can to take our country back.
    Zogby Poll demonstrates public awareness!

    Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Wake Up AM Podcast show # 23

    This week: We're back to full strength! Kathy, Meg, and Nancy, and the guy behind the curtain. -Al Gore, the elected President in 2001, tells us what life would be like today if the Supreme Court had actually served justice (thanks to Shelly at Citizen Against Lies) -Living in Bush's America, ain't it great! -the Iran attack, are we closer? -Disinformation, the PRopaganda machine spins at home and abroad -Iraq from WMDs/Regime change/democratic elections/civil war to the present policy of "Containment" (isn't that how firefighters refer to an out of control fire?) -Jamie Mcintyre of cnn refutes his eyewitness report from the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001 -Was Rove indicted? (or was Truthout set up with a phony leak?) -Why won't the Democrats talk Impeachment? Nancy loses it bigtime! You'll Laugh, you'll cry, you kiss 1hr, 11mins, and35 secs. goodbye. Join Us
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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Wake Up AM Podcast show # 22

    This week:
    We've already experienced several national elections that were rigged (that we know of).
    Is anybody doing anything about this?
    YES, someone who has been in the trenches. Nancy Tobi, Vice-Chair, Democracy For New Hampshire is our guest. She has written several articles on Election Integrity which you can access HERE. She will fill us in on the gruesome details and outline the uphill climb to restore democracy.
    This interview was recorded on May 9, so that two of us (guess which two) can take a short vacation. With the latest NSA revelations and Bush adressing the nation on his Immigration policy we're gonna need to recharge our batteries. See you in a week!
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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Wake Up AMerica Podcast show#21

    SEX AND JOHN BOLTON - What do they have in common? We don't want to know, but they are both in this week's podcast:

    Sex and Purityrannical America and why everyone in the world is laughing at us. But it's no joke here. Move over abortion and make way for the new crime on the block, contraception. - Shake up at the C.I.A.? that's what they want you to think, - McGovern vs. Rumsfeld, the gloves come off - Is Gore running? - Do we already have troops in Iran? John Bolton won't say. AND, our first joke-a-thon.
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    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Colbert confirms someone else knows what we know.

    Jane Smiley takes the words right out of my mouth. The Blog Jane Smiley: No Mercy The Huffington Post. She lambasts the press for their cold response to Colbert as they salute Bush.

    Smiley writes, “People, including something like 68% of the American people, wonder why George W. Bush continues to pursue policies that 1) damage America 2) are highly unpopular 3) are misguided and 4) are against both international and US law. How about this for a reason--no matter what he does, the journalists who are supposed to hold him to account are breaking bread with him and laughing at his jokes?”

    How about this for another reason—he repeatedly breaks the law but congress hardly bats an eyelash? Members of congress work for the people and believe it or not, took an oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution yet except for a couple of exceptions, the congress has hardly paid any attention to the blatent disregard Bush exhibits for the rule of law. Congress has abdicated it’s power by allowing the Bush administration to walk all over them and must also be held accountable for not doing the job they were hired to do. Without a free press or a viable congress, who can stop him?

    Smiley again, “Make no mistake about it--George W. Bush has a thick thick skull. He finds it very difficult to learn anything. But he is thin-skinned and easily offended. It is time to offend him! He needs to be offended every minute of every day! Stephen Colbert did a pretty good job, but then all the kids on the playground rallied around the bully and soothed his hurt feelings.”

    And his actions and policies must be investigated. He must be held accountable, thin-skinned or not. Congress is there to provide checks and balance to his power but instead give him full power. My question is, will we ever get our power back?

    Thanks Stephen Colbert for letting us know and Bush know, that others know what we all know. Meg

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #20

    This week: -One more enjoyable Colbert moment then it's back to work! -The perks of the priviledged, it must be nice. - Some Republicans are revolting, we knew that, but we're talking about the good ones. - IRAQ, IRAN, IRAN, IRAQ Does Bush know the difference? - Our military-based economy - United 93, the cover-up, not the movie. - Kathy asesses the achievements of our one party government - AND an insider reveals the origins of the voting machines fraud then decides to run for Congress! - we're all over the map on this one. It's our 20th show! Join Us!
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    United 93 the cover-up, not the movie

    Multiple witnesses saw a mysterious white, un-marked, "military-type" jet overhead where what would be later known as the United 93 "crash site". "It came right over me. Then disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later, I heard this great explosion and saw this fireball rise up over the trees..." Susan Mcelwain
    This photo was taken shortly after. The symetrical, mushroom-type cloud is consistent with ordinance, or bomb explosions.

    Federal officials investigate the "crash site". This is the site that will be memoralized with funds from the United 93 movie.

    Investigators search for wreckage. Maybe their looking in the wrong place. Pieces of United 93 were found spread over an 8 mile area, but at the "crash-site", nothing.

    If you look at the available evidence only, and disregard what we are told happened that day, one might conclude that the flight was shot down.
    By the way, the available evidence vs. what we were told as it applies to all the flights that day point towards a very different version of 911 overall.

    Enjoy the movie.

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    6 Years of Republican Control

    After enduring almost 6 years of complete Republican control of the United States, let's take a look at the result of one-party domination of our country.

    1. Quagmire in Iraq. We are now deep into the quagmire of the War in Iraq, a preemptive war based on lies and manipulated intelligence and then bungled by the ideologues in the Bush Administration who refuse to listen to their generals, some of whom are now leading an unprecedented revolt against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. American lives, prestige and dollars are being squandered with no end in sight.
    2. Ineffective Energy Policy. The Bush Administration allowed the oil industry to decide energy policy in secret sessions which has now resulted in obscene bonuses for oil executives and record prices for us at the pump. And it’s still business as usual with no steps taken towards developing alternative energy sources.
    3. Fiscal Irresponsibility. Republicans are pursuing their "starve the beast" policy of bankrupting the U.S. Treasury. They are criminally mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's future, and have caused the greatest power in the world to become the greatest debtor in the world, owing hundreds of billions of dollars to those who openly want to supersede us in the world both militarily and economically.
    4. Political Corruption. Indictments against Republicans who have pleaded guilty to bribery, fraud and lying have revealed a culture of corruption unprecedented in American history.
    5. Incompetent Response to National Disaster. Katrina revealed executive incompetence on a massive scale. The next hurricane season is almost upon us and there is talk of a possible pandemic, yet the same ineffective bureaucracy is still in place.
    6. Disregard for the Environment. The Bush Administration has dismantled environmental protections by relaxing water quality standards, changing definition of wetlands, ignoring environmental laws and denying for years the threat of global warming.
    7. Interference with Constitutional Rights. By shifting power to himself and the executive branch, Pres. Bush has upset our traditional checks and balances provided for in the U.S. Constitution resulting in the erosion of individual choices and personal rights including Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Religion.

    By voting in November we can begin the process of removing those who have proven without a doubt that they are not to be trusted with our money or our country.