Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sick Minds of Bush and Me

Reading the account in The New York Times of Bush's speech to the American Legion, my cynicism could not be contained and I thought I'd share it. (Italics=NYT, Red=my sick mind)

President Bush began a new drive today to rally the American people behind him on the Iraq war and national security, declaring that the United States must stay the course in Iraq because it is a battleground in an epic struggle between democracy and tyranny.
And it is quite clear that it is the U.S. administration who is struggling to bring tyranny to all while eradicating democracy.
Whatever their ethnic or religious differences, Mr. Bush said, they are united in their wish “to turn back the advance of freedom, and impose a dark vision of tyranny and terror across the world.”
This tyranny and terror business is so confusing. Is Bush actually telling the truth and admitting that his regime is attempting to impose tyranny and terror across the world?
“In the coming days, I’ll deliver a series of speeches describing the nature of our enemy in the war on terror, the insights we’ve gained about their aims and ambitions, the successes and setbacks we’ve experienced, and our strategy to prevail in this long war,” Mr. Bush said.
That will be the shortest speech the world has ever heard.
That September morning brought to the United States “a war we didn’t ask for, but a war we must wage, and a war we will win,” Mr. Bush said. And if the United States tires of fighting in the streets of Baghdad, he said, “we will face the terrorists in the streets of our own cities.”
More of the same old crap!
“So the United States will not leave until victory is achieved,” Mr. Bush said, warning that more sacrifice lies ahead and that the struggle will be a long one.
He has no idea what is going on so how can he ever hope to achieve victory? And the only ones sacrificing are the 99% of us who are not multimillionaires.
Mr. Bush was applauded frequently. He had not only a friendly audience but a friendly setting.
The bubble lives on.
The battles in Iraq will one day rank alongside those at Omaha Beach and Guadalcanal as mileposts on the path to liberty, Mr. Bush said. “We know that the direction of history leads toward freedom.”
Oh PLEEEEASE!!!Even in his deranged state, he should know this is a stretch even his supports can't possibly make.
I don’t know why anyone would bother reading the article but in case you feel so inclined, here is the link:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 37

This week: Rumsfeld wants to re-fit ICBMs with conventional warheads, why?

-Meg is back bringing the WUA crew back to full strength!
-Bush visits our neck of the woods to a less than warm welcome.
-Amnesty International secures the release of a young German after 4 years at -GTMO, returned to his homeland IN SHACKLES!
-The 14 characteristics of Fascism, guess which country scores the highest.
-This just in. The US and Israel achieved all of their objectives in Lebanon as a first step towards war with Iran.
Ret. Colonel Sam Gardiner gives us the expected scenario.
-Nukes are out, conventional warheads are in, ON ICBMs?
-Is Bush a
a) Moron
b) Psychopath
c) Serial killer
d) all of the above
- 1 year after Katrina, the question is still being asked, Were the levees blown?
- And a University of New Hampshire professor joins the movement to bring 911 Truth to our campuses.
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9/11: Press for Truth
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also The 14 Characteristics of Fascism
Jonatha Brooke:WAR @ Protest Records
Is Bush a Moron?
Is Bush a Serial Killer?
Billbray's election
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Col. Sam Gardiner document

Monday, August 28, 2006

Lies, Lies and More Lies from Plame to Iran

According to David Corn of The Nation Magazine, Richard Armitage has admitted to being the original source for the leak of CIA officer, Valerie Plame Wilson, changing the “contours of the leak. The initial leaker was not plotting vengeance”. Corn’s article, The Meaning of the Armitage Leak in the Plame Case, can be found at:

Corn lays out the details of the original leak by Armitage, saying it was simply a case of gossip rather than a planned attack on Wilson. This does not excuse the fact that Cheney and his buddies fueled the fire in an attempt to discredit anyone who dares to dissent and send a warning to others who disagree with their whacked out agenda.

The biggest crime here is not the horrendous outing of Plame but the crime of deliberately misleading the country into an unprovoked war. This is inexcusable under any circumstances. The fact that Armitage did not give the information to Novak for sinister reasons does not excuse the fact that the White House would go to any lengths to cover up the lies they told and continue to tell the American people.

Toward the end of the article Corn did attempt to put blame back on the evildoers by writing, “It remains a story of ugly and unethical politics, stonewalling, and lies.”
Let this be a reminder to all who are tempted to believe the White House lies being fed to us about Iran. Knowing the history of deceit by this administration, how could anyone believe a single word they say? It is important for anyone who sees the deception to help bring light to all who are still in the dark.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #36

This week:
-Is Bush losing it? Did he ever have it? The country's village idiot holds a press conference that sinks to a new unbelievable low. Hear for yourself before and after Jon Stewart nails him.

-Meg is off on ANOTHER vacation so Nancy and Kathy hold down the WUA fort.
-Iran, Iraq, different countries, same lies. Do they really believe we're that stupid?
-Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch hold Israel accountable for war crimes that no one else will.
-the US tries to restart the manufacture of land mines
-Christian of exposes the secret NSA spy base in the UK
-As the 911 anniversary approaches, the 911 Truth Movement picks up steam
-and we have email and New Media Revolutionaries Forum excerpts from Spotter, Jim, Dicanode and others.
We're a few days late, but good things come to those who wait.
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show links:

9/11: Press for Truth
NSA secret Spy Base
also here
Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friday, August 18, 2006

Judge Finds Wiretap Actions Violate the Law

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor of United States District Court in Detroit stands up to Alberto Gonzales, the point man for the White House's assault on our Constitution. Maybe this will empower more judges to stand up to these fascists. And hopefully it will remind Congress that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Finally someone says no to these guys. It's not like it's any great revelation that NSA spying was ILLEGAL. But finally someone has done something about it. The courts are apparently our last hope. Of course they will counter with attempting to reword the law as an end run around this decision, but that new law will still be unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is one judge away from a majority for the criminals who occupy the White House. Now is the time to flood our courts with cases that preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And let everyone go on record as to where they stand. We know where Judge Taylor stands.

High Number of Teen Pregnancies!

Abstinence only sex education is irresponsible and can ruin the lives of young girls. Reality smacked one school board in Ohio last year when they discovered that 65 girls were pregnant in one high school out of a total female student body of 490. Last week the school board added responsibility (contraception?) to their abstinence promoting sex education program.

One Ohio TV station reported:

"An Ohio school board is expanding sex education following the revelation that 13 percent of one high school's female students were pregnant last year. There were 490 female students at Timken High School in 2005, and 65 were pregnant, WEWS-TV in Cleveland reported.
The new Canton school board program promotes abstinence but also will teach students who decide to have sex how to do so responsibly, bringing the city school district's health curriculum in line with national standards."

I must applaud the school board for changing their sex education policy. It is just too bad it took a crisis to force them to adopt a logical policy that was proven years ago to be much more effective than abstenance in preventing teen pregnancy.

Come on everyone, WAKEUP! Do we really want to go back to the dark ages advocated by the radical religious right? It is irresponsible and cruel to withhold sex education from girls and boys. How can we expect teens to make the right choices if we do not give them the necessary tools to do so? More information does not guarantee the right choice will always be made but it will certainly increase the odds. By restricting access to information and services that prevent pregnancy, we make young girls and women more vulnerable to the power of others. But, maybe that is the point.

Found on feministing:

Full article:

Posted by Meg

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #35

This week- Yes the London Plot is theater at it's best, but our review could change your mind.
-We've got MAIL! Our listeners are watching us like hawks.
-Was the Israel/Lebanon War a dry run for Iran?
-Who's running this country? Ask AIPAC
-Howard Dean defends his party, it's not easy being Blue
-Republican Robotron Ken Melman defends his
-Kathy has a rant from Bill Maher
-And Meg has a guest appearance on The Guy James show!
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show source links:
Rolling Stone
Washington Post
Democracy Now
This just in from The Guardian

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This week:
The Norad Tapes are just the latest in a series of 911 Truth stories to break out into the mainstream. In a related story, Santa Claus considers severing his deal with Norad to track his annual flight.
-Lamont beats Lieberman. Lieberman runs as an independent, one step closer to the Republican Party, his true party
-Is Bush preparing to federalize the National Guard?
-Say goodbye to the last remnants of the Geneva Accords
-The Rapture, is that what it's all about?
-Did Israel plan the attack on Lebanon before Hezbollah "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers?
-Condi's in, Condi's out, will the real Condoleeza Rice stand up?
- AND, the Norad tapes reveal different things to different people. We'll tell you what
we think they mean.
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