Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wake Up AMerica Podcast show #41

This Week:
The Myth of Bin Laden
-Bill Clinton kicks ass on Fox
-911: The Pakistan connection
-All our intelligence services agree The War in Iraq has made us less safe
-We review the new documentary, 911 Press For Truth
It's just another week in the Empire... join us!

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9/11: Press for Truth
Jacob's Ladder/Chumbawumba
World Can't Wait
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Friday, September 22, 2006


Bush claimed that the Geneva Convention, article 3 which forbids
“outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment”,
was vague and he needed more specific guidelines.
McCain, Warner,and Graham claimed that they were defending the Geneva Accords.
So there needed to be some sort of resolution to this "problem", a problem they created and pulled off as a fight in the public arena, but in the end Bush got exactly what he wanted, a law that specifies some particulars about treatment, but anything not on the list is fair game. AND
why do we even need the Geneva agreement when they have their own law now. A law that replaces the vagueness of the Geneva wording. Never mind that that so-called vagueness covers EVERYTHING that falls under “outrages upon personal dignity, in particular, humiliating and degrading treatment”.
Collen Rowley has an excellent breakdown of what actually went down, on the Huffington Post.
"Of the three major flaws in the bill Bush originally presented to Congress, only one has been removed: suspects will have the right to examine the evidence against them, subject to existing rules designed to protect national security. Protection against arbitrary and indefinite incarceration was not part of Bush's proposal, nor is it in the compromise bill. And despite powerful rhetoric about "the integrity and the letter and the spirit of the Geneva Conventions," Bush got his way on that as well. Abuses which were never under discussion --- murder, mutilation and rape, for example --- are now explicitly prohibited; otherwise the President decides what can happen. In other words, this bill would explicitly allow the interrogation practices used at Abu Ghraib, so long as George Bush approved them"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 40

This week:
-Lt. Ehren Watada in an extensive interview with Democracy Now,talks about why he's risking years in prison to oppose the war.
-One more look at the unbeliveable Matt Layer interview of Bush defending his policy of torture. (How much longer are we going to stand for this?)
-We hear direct testimony from a victim of this policy.
-Kathy is back and tells us about her phone call to Rumsfeld.
-And a look ahead to the elections.
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Maszzam Begg Begs to Differ on Bush Claims that US Does Not Torture

Torture is a hot topic in the news right now as Bush tries to bully legistation through congress legalizing the administrations policy toward “terrorist” prisoners in U.S. custody. During our 40th podcast, (recorded last night, soon to be released) I brought up the story of a British citizen who has written a book, just released, detailing his capture and detainment in the Middle East and eventually at Guantanamo. His name, which I couldn’t remember when recording the podcast, is Moazzam Begg. The name of his book is “Enemy Combatant” and he his been making the rounds with the U.S. media. Although all of his interviews must be conducted on the phone because he has been refused a visa allowing him to enter the U.S. I heard him interviewed by Thom Hartman as well as Guy James and was extreemely impressed by his abilty to speak so eloquently about his horrendous experience. I also felt ashamed that my country would treat any human being as he had been treated. I think the book should be required reading for everyone who plans to vote in November. Forget the ID, let’s make everyone fill out a questionaire to prove they have read this book before they are allowed to vote.

You can listen to his interview with Diane Rehm here:

Thom Hartmann interviewed Begg on 9/11/06 and Guy James interviewed him on 9/14/06. Both have excellent programs that never fail to provide me with an incredible amount of information. The program Guy does on the 14th has a segment toward the beginning where Guy does an incredibly profound rant regarding the administration. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Both programs are archived at the White Rose Society.
Link here:

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 39

This week:
-911, 5 years later. Are we closer to the truth?

-Can the 911 Truth Movement still be characterized
as a bunch of "Conspiracy theorists"?
-How much longer can Cheney get away with lying?
Maybe we'll know in November.
-The 911 Debate: Loose Change vs Popular Mechanics
Was there a winner? Can there be a winner when it comes to 911?
-Kathy's not here but she leaves us her thoughts on 911.
-Meg, Nancy, and even Brian let you know where Wake Up AM
stands 5 years later.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bush Speaks To Intellectual Peers, First Graders

Is Shrub writing his own speeches these days? Have you heard them or read any of the transcripts? Check this out from Atlanta on Sept. 7.
"One way to assess whether we're safer is to look at what we have done to fix the problems that the 9/11 attacks revealed. And so today I'll deliver a progress report…I'll begin by looking back at four key stages of the 9/11 plot, the gaps in our defenses that each stage exposed, and the ways we've addressed those gaps to make this country safer."
Sounds like he is talking to first graders. What an insult! And I haven’t even gotten to the content. Why bother? It is just more of the same old crap but with a lot more desperation. This guy is definately wacko! But you knew that. If you dare to read more you can find the entire transcript at Meg

Illuminated by car headlights, U.S. Marine reservists from the 4th Civil Affairs Group based in Anacostia, Washington, gather for a group photo in front of Air Force One on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base. About 200 Marine reservists, awaiting their flight to Iraq, were greeted by President George W. Bush, Friday, September 8, 2006. White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt not those

This idiot Bush makes me ill. He can greet soldiers going to Iraq but those returning who gave their life for his war of choice never receive the same respect. Their picture won't be taken and appear on the White House web site. They are the conveniently forgotten heroes. Meg

Propaganda 101 by Tammy Bruce

I happened to catch a minute of Tammy Bruce on C-Spam this morning and it was more than enough. This is what I heard her say. “The American people don’t like this war in Iraq. It is not that they don’t want us to be there, it is that they want to vanquish the enemy. But how can we win if our soldiers have to knock first before entering the house of the enemy? How can our soldiers be effective when the media is constantly criticizing them for doing their jobs and accusing them of war crimes when they do?”

I got news for you, Tammy, the crazies occupying our White House have screwed up from day one. We, the American people as well as the media do not have a say in how this illegal war is being executed, making sure troops are properly equiped, or the number of troops deployed. No, this administration, you so piously defend, has not even bothered to implement tactics suggested by experts. This information has been available for them to use from the beginning but the chickenhawks claim to know better than the career military experts on how to execute this war.

They screwed up the invasion and occupation of Iraq from the beginning and they need to get our men and women home out of harms way, NOW! It would be better for us as well as the Iraqi people. We can’t win this war and in the meantime, our presence there is only fueling the terrorist fire as reported by the experts.

Wake up, Tammy Bruce. Stop spreading the propaganda. Stop trying to confuse the facts by belittling our military. Meg

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wake Up AM show #38

This week: A special treat! It's the little FM station that could AND the international blockbuster podcast, both known as Wake Up AM. We have a simulcast of our local radio show and the podcast.

- One year after Katrina, but do we really remember how AWFUL it was?
- Kofi Annan seeks to lift the Israeli blockade on Lebannon, but Olmert cites a technicality as reason enough to keep the Lebanese suffering.
- Rumsfeld projects his own fascism onto the terrorists
- Howard Dean tells it like it is
- an update on the New Hampshire professor who supports the 911 Truth movement.
Join us!
-We'll be back next week with our regular podcast, so see you then!
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Stolen passage from One Pissed Off Liberal

I have news for the conservative dinosaurs who have raped and plundered this nation. Not only are we now awake, we are indeed filled with a terrible resolve. We are resolved to defeat and marginalize you and your ilk - and to assure that you never again get so close to the levers of power in this country. We are further resolved that each and every one of you who is culpable in any of your voluminous crimes against the American people and the International community will be held to account. All you torturers, war profiteers, scoundrels and thieves had better listen up! Your day is coming.
You will all face the terrible resolve of the awakened giant. You are all going to be subjected to the mighty wrath, the righteous indignation, and the terrible swift justice of the American people. May your punishment strike fear in the hearts of tyrants and thieves everywhere on this planet, and may it long serve as an example to all the black-hearted bastards yet to come.

I wish I could claim this as my own but I copied it from an entry by One Pissed Off Liberal at Daily Kos. It speaks to my heart and gives me courage and hope, which I really need these days. When things look grim, I just imagine the orange prison jumpsuits waiting for the pack of criminals occupying the White House. Get ready Gitmo because as we wake up they will go to prison.

Beware of Sleeping Giants Rudely Awakened (above quote is at the end of the entry)
by One Pissed Off Liberal Here's the link:


AAR Fires Malloy, I Want My Money Back!

Late night on Air America Radio will never be the same now Mike Malloy has been fired. It is being reported his time slot will be taken over by the wonderful and articulate Laura Flanders but in my opinion, her style is not really conducive to the late night radio audience.

Although some of the other AAR personalities are excellent, there is nobody quite like Mike.
Some religious zealots, those less enlightened as well as others will no doubt be happy to see Mike go but not me. In fact I must credit him with saving my sanity if not my life immediately following the 2004 faux presidential election. At that time I swear the only thing that kept me from slitting my wrists was listening late at night to Mike’s voice consoling others who felt the same way I did. He helped me feel less crazy.

Mike could be rough and abrasive at times but also had a softer side when the moment called for it. During the past two years, I have listened to Mike appropriately rant and rave on many issues. I saw his anger as justified when pointing out the unlawful and hypocritical antics we are often subjected to by the administration. I also witnessed his anger turn on a dime and tone it down when trying to calm the nerves of a scared listener. I could closely relate when the caller was a mother concerned about protecting her children from the pending doom being brought upon our country by the administration. Mike never sugar coated the facts but he would talk to those callers of different options while giving them the courage and hope to fight on.

Listeners always got the truth from Mike Malloy, which is a scarce commodity in the media today. I, for one, certainly hope Mike’s voice will find another place to broadcast. In these trying times we are in desperate need of voices we can trust to entertain and inform us while giving us the straight scoop. Mike is one of those voices and we can’t afford to lose him. What is your problem Air America? Wake Up or give me back my money! Meg

Demented Mind of Rush!

The Big Fat Liar, Rush Limbaugh, must have received his education (which obviously didn't amount to much) in propaganda from the University of Soviet Russia along with Cheney and Rumsfeld. In his demented mind, Rush blames the obesity epidemic on the liberal government. Liberal Government? Wake Up Rush! There has not been a liberal government in power since Kennedy was shot. Media Matters (link below) has the full story along with the video and following transcript.

LIMBAUGH: I love these kinds of stories, 'cause we're just getting them all over the place: Waistlines continue to grow in the United States. Another crisis story here, ladies and gentlemen, from our old buddies at the Associated Press. "The gravy train -- make that the sausage, biscuits, and gravy train -- just keep [sic] on rolling in most of America last year." Thirty-one states showing an increase in obesity. Mississippi continued to lead the way; an estimated 30 percent of adults there are considered obese, an increase of 1.1 percentage points when compared with last year's report. Indeed, "the five states with the highest obesity rates are Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Kentucky -- exhibit much higher rates of poverty than the national norm. Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest obesity have less poverty. They are Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont."
LIMBAUGH: I think you might then say that the obesity crisis could be the fault of government, liberal government. Food stamps, all those -- you know, I'm gonna tell you people a story. I -- just, well, the government, you could say, is killing these people because we know obesity kills, and the government's killing the poor. The Bush administration is killing the poor with too much food.
LIMBAUGH: And so, now, we find out that there is obesity and all this amongst the poor more than amongst those who are not poor. It's sort of a textbook case of what happens when we let liberals have their way. I mean, for decades, all over the world, we've been beat about the head that there are hungry people out there, that they are starving. UNICEF -- how many of you trick-or-treated for UNICEF? Did you "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF," Brian? We all did -- did you? We all trick-or-treated. One of the biggest scams on the face of the earth. It was -- the scam was to get everybody loving the United Nations. The scam was to get everybody thinking the United Nations is feeding poor people. Remember all these stories: "A dime a day will feed 20 kids in some outward place around the world"?
LIMBAUGH: This is what happens when you let the left run things. We've
been beat about the head. There are hungry people everywhere. UNICEF got it all started. We've seen the babies with the extended tummies, the walking skeletons, told that kids can't learn unless they're fed. We've been guilted into pouring resources on the problem. And now, now, the latest crisis is that there is obesity among those who are impoverished. Because we are sympathetic, we are compassionate people, we have responded by letting our government literally feed these people to the point of obesity. At least here in America, didn't teach them how to fish, we gave them the fish. Didn't teach them how to butcher a -- slaughter a cow to get the butter, we gave them the butter. The real bloat here, as we know, is in -- is in government.
Link to media matters: