Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wake Up AM show #67

This week:
-The Federal Reserve. What con game have they been playing since 1913?
We expose their scam.
-No child left behind = no publich schools left in America.
-The privitzation of EVERYTHING.
- Kathy's son returns to Iraq and thanks to the "surge" doesn't know when he will come back.
-And, are we one week away from war with Iran?
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 66

This week:
-Finally Congress confronts the White House. The Dems promise to subpoena Bush's gang.
-Who knows the real story behind the Federal Reserve Bank? A closer look may shed some light on who really pulls the strings.
-Al Gore brings his environmental case before Congress and encounters some very lame opposition.
-And we get 2 live phone calls from listeners! How is that possible during a podcast?
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

This week:
-Alberto Gonzales is in over his head. Bush tap dances in Mexico. And the Democrats dust off the subpoena making machine.
-The Senate finally gets to talk about Iraq and Biden pops a vein on the Senate floor.
-Will Lieberman defect to the darkside?
-Guiliani's 911 hero image starts to fade. (It's a start)
-And the Iran clause is dropped from the Senate war appropriations.
-Meg phones it in from the ski slopes while the rest of us cram into the studio to cover it all!
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Monday, March 12, 2007

All Republicans are Scumbags!

Look into the eyes of the innocent...If this doesn’t bring tears to your own eyes, I don’t know anything that will. This innocent 3 year old boy was denied Medicaid for heart surgery thanks to another new republican law requiring citizens to show a passport or a certified birth certificate and a driver’s license before receiving Medicaid. The Deficit Reduction Act is doing exactly that by denying necessary and sometimes life saving medical care to innocent children along with as many other people as possible by making it difficult to obtain the assistance they deserve and require. Will we hear the administration brag a few months from now how they have successfully reduced the number of Medicaid recipients? Will the reduced numbers help the administration push through additional tax cuts for the wealthy or repeal the estate tax? Ask the next republican you see if they have any conscience. No don’t bother. We all know the answer. They have proven they would sell out anyone to add one more almighty dollar to their already over flowing cookie jar. Every republican is a scumbag as far as I am concerned. They have ruined our country and are doing a great job in the rest of the world also. Wake Up all you Republican Scumbags. It is time to start thinking (that alone might help) of others instead of only yourself. You can find the article Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid in the New York Times.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wake Up AM Podcast show # 64

This week:
-Libby is guilty! So how long till the pardon?
-Impeachment starts at home. It's up to your local bodies of government to initiate Impeachment because the Dems in Washington will not rock the boat
- Walter Reed Hospital, the latest testament to privatization
-Scott Ritter in New Hampshire. He says an attack on Iran is still on the front burner. We have some clips.
It's the never ending war on the seemingly never ending Bush administration. Join Us!
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby guilty! Could this be the cure for the common cold?

Well I'm home sick today and have plenty of time to listen to the feeding frenzy going on surrounding the Libby verdict. After hearing the verdict on CNN I immediately went to FOX to see how the White House's personal propaganda outlet would be taking the news and I wasn't disappointed. Their resident experts were in the midst of whining and complaining about mistakes, unfairness, and disbelief.
Back over on MSNBC a juror was making a statement about how the jury was pissed that the real criminal, Cheney, wasn't on trial instead.
Then Nora O'Donnell (abrasive as ever) interviewed Howard Dean. Dean's message? Bush had better not issue a pardon.
Meanwhile, Joe Wilson is due to have a conference call with reporters at 2:30, then will give an exclusive interview to Olbermann tonight.
Meanwhile, returning to FOX, they are STILL whining.
There has not been much to smile about in the last six years, so I'm trying to enjoy the moment
and I'm actually starting to feel better!
Tune in to Wake Up AM later this week for more. It should be fun.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bush is no Midas

Here we go again. The Oxford Research Group has just released a report warning that an attack on Iran could inspire them to speed up their development of nuclear weapons. You can read the article entitled Strike ‘may incite nuclear Iran’ on What is the matter with these guys? Haven’t they noticed that a prediction like that is a magnet for Bush and sure to push him into something so tempting? If he was having doubts about striking Iran before seeing this report, he no longer has any. Haven’t you noticed how Bush has a habit of doing the opposite of what you think should be done? Forget about what we all know about right from wrong or anything that might be for the good of all mankind. Just think in the totally opposite direction and you should be able to figure out what Bush is planning to do. In fact everything he has ever touched has turned to shit. Everyone has heard of the king with the touch that turns everything to gold or the goose that laid golden eggs. Well, instead we’ve got the king of porcelain along with a big fat goose egg. These think tanks might want to put their studies in a locked box until Bush is out of office. Otherwise, if Bush gets wind of other stuff being studied, he could do some more crap to screw up the world. He might be tempted to stir up some more mischief and cause a lot more shit ti happen.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wake Up AM show #63

This week:
An exclusive interview with The Speaker of the House!
No, not Pelosi, but Speaker Terri Norelli of the New Hampshire Legislature. She's here to talk about an anti- war resolution and why the NH Primary is crucial to everyone!
Also, what's behind the China stock market crisis?
-Seymour Hersh on Iran and US funding of Al Queda!
-Jon Stewart on Laura Bush
-Anthony of the War on Democracy takes us on a tour of Japanese Health Care
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